12 August 2010

Getting into Guinness. No, not that Guinness...

In the tasting room at People's Brewing Company is a shelf that will have a rotation of items on display. At the moment, there is a collection of Indiana beer containers (bottles, cans) that still contain their beer. This is a small piece of Skip Seaman's collection.

Skip is from the Evansville area and has over 19,300 packages of beer consisting of 9,525 brands. This collection fills a 2,500 square foot building. Right now, Skip is in the process of cataloguing the collection with the hope of being declared a Guinness World Record. We wish him the best of luck on this feat and hope we can be a part of the record breaking largest beer drinking party that will occur after.


  1. Seeing that bottle of Brugge Black got me thinking.. What is the status of their bottling operation? Last I heard there were issues and I sure don't see bottles around anymore. The old website is gone and all that I see is a 2 year out of date blog post. Any news?

  2. I heard from a reliable source that Brugge will no longer be bottling their beers, at least for the foreseeable future.

  3. When asked, my reliable source said they will bottle "later".