11 November 2008

Beer Diary #10 - Mike

16 October 08 - Location: Home
Rice with green curry pairing

First up, thanks to Worth Your Attention for the curry recipe. I've used it over and over again and it always leaves me happy and wanting more.

Alaskan Summer Ale (Kolsch Style) - Golden and lively/fizzy, with a light and sweet malty taste. The beer cuts but also compliments the salty spicyness of the green curry. The earthly flavors of the peas, beans, and mushrooms blend well with the malt. As I got to the bottom of the glass, banana elements started to appear. This is a real knockout of a beer, by the way, with flavors and a mouthfeel that keep delivering.

Odell Easy Street Wheat - Brewmaster's Table calls for a witbier to match mild curries, and this is the best I can do on short notice. A creamy mouthfeel and extremely light taste cut the spicyness of the curry. I should have sampled this beer before the Alaskan, as the flavors are definitely a bit more muted here. Gina noted an acidity up front and a full smooth mouthfeel on the back.

If you're going to try this pairing, I'd stick with a highly rated Kolsh-style beer.

20 October 08 - Location: Home
Ska Brewing (Durango, CO) Buster Nut Brown Ale - This is a beer I'd seen around back in the St. Louis area, and Ska was a brewery that I was hoping to check out while we were out in Colorado. But Durango is way out there, so instead of visiting the brewery I picked up a few samples while we were at LiquorMart in Boulder.

This beer pours a deep dark reddish brown with a head befitting the Guinness glass I just happened to pour the beer into. Big sweet malty notes from the nose lead to a creamy mouthfeel and sweet roasty malt flavors. The beer starts full flavored and finishes chewy, but it seems like the beer is more mouthfeel than flavor. Not a bad beer by any means, but it takes a little more flavor to set my heart aflutter.

31 October 08 - Location: Home
Deschutes Obsidian Stout
- Pours a deep dark black, with a lumpy white head. A grainy malt and slightly sweet nose leads to a creamy and extremely smooth beer. Well balanced, with chocolate and malt elements, finishing with the bitterness you might find in the darkest chocolates. There's also a hint of flowery sweetness to this beer. Very enjoyable, very drinkable. I should have bought more.

8 November 08 - Location: Brugge Brasserie
Pivo Defendu - A strong Belgian Pale. This beer has the magic dark fruit house Brugge nose, with a hint of alcohol. Dark fruit, smooth and agreeable, and a slightly bitter finish. What is it about Brugge? You can walk in, eat a meal, have one beer, and be ready to head home, call it a day... and the whole experience is completely positive. Am I alone on this? Brugge is like a magic mind numbing drug. And I'll have some more.

By the way - Pivo Defendu? Jim did some research.
Pivo = czech word for "beer"
Defendu = french word for "forbidden," as in "le fruit defendu" (forbidden fruit)

9 November 08 - Location: Home
Founder's Backwoods Bastard - A body that resembles sweet tea with a thin head hosts a tempered bourbon nose - a bourbon presence that isn't overwhelming, but is definitely the defining characteristic. A strong but not boozy bourbon flavor on front, which grows more as the beer works its way around the palate. Silky mouthfeel - and as the beer warms its bourbon presence only grows. This beer is basically creamy smooth bourbon. Nice. Should age well.

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  1. Man, I have been craving some curry as of late. The Deshutes stout in a Warbird glass is a nice touch. I like their logos. Need to hit the Brugge again. It is such a wonderful place. I have been to Deshutes pub in Bend OR twice and both times it has been way to crowded for my taste.