17 November 2008

Beer Cellar Sale at J. Gumbo's - Mike DeWeese

Updated 11/18/08 to reflect comments

Looking for that special Christmas gift for the beer lover in your life? The following was forwarded on from our old friend and founder Chris Maples:

I'm liquidating my beer cellar. Attached is the list, all prices are negotiable. Forward it on to your websites and let's help me share the love.

Mike DeWeese

Looking to buy? It might be in your best interest to drop Mike a line first and let him know when you plan on stopping in.


  1. Mmmmm. That's a pretty good list. I'm like a kid in a candy store.

  2. Just so everyone knows don't contact J. Gumbo's. This is coming directly out of Mike's personal cellar.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, anon.

  4. Will Mike update the spreadsheet as he sells bottles?

  5. Joe - I doubt it. Apparently the spreadsheet wasn't 100% accurate to begin with.

    I'd definitely recommend emailing first.