20 November 2008

Tapping tonight (11/20) at the Downtown Rock Bottom

Rodney loves Rock Bottom. In fact, even if Rock Bottom were Vladimir Putin, Rodney would still want to have Rock Bottom's Vladimir Putin babies. So I suppose it's lucky for us all that Rock Bottom and Vladimir Putin have absolutely nothing in common, including the ability to procreate.

Anyway, Back to Rodney. He wanted to pass this along, but The Man has blocked him. So he passed it along to me:
'Tis the season, or almost! Just for the holiday season, your favorite downtown Indy brewers have brewed a very special and festive ale! This year's Blitzen is a Belgian style ale spiced perfectly with flavors of the season. It has a wonderfully rich raisony flavor with a decadent fruity and spicy aroma. Beat the downtown holiday chaos and join us for a pint of Blitzen Ale Thursday, November 20th at 6pm (at Rock Bottom Downtown).

OG: 15 degrees Plato
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 25
Malt: Canadian 2 Row Pale, Belgian Special B, German Munich
Hops: German Noble Hops


Your Brewer,
Jerry Sutherlin

Specialty Beers on tap:
• California Common.
• Pumpkin Smasher

Upcoming Beers on tap:
• Old Curmudgeon
• Bourbon barrel aged series ales


  1. Just wanted to add that while the info in this post is from the downtown Rock Bottom's brewer, this tapping is also happening at the northside Rock Bottom. If I remember correctly, I think the RB brewers get a little leeway with the recipe for this seasonal beer, so the northside version may be a bit different. Check 'em both out!

  2. In this week's print edition of NUVO, Rita Kohn's "Beer Buzz" column has a blurb on what Liz is doing.

  3. This was a very sweet, malty beer. Really not up my alley because I can't get enough hops in my beers. But as far as Tripel/Trappist styling goes, this was great.