03 July 2007

One Year Upcoming and a Decision to Make

In just a little over a month from today, Hoosier Beer Geek will celebrate it's one year anniversary. While the technical date is August 8th, we've pushed the bash back one day to August 9th, which is a normal Roundtable night. We've decided to go back to our roots for this evening, and we'll be shacking up at Deano's Vino for the night. Our groupies are most definitely encouraged to come, so put it on your calendars now!

And in celebration of our first anniversary, Deano has proclaimed he will put a beer on tap in our honor for the week of the bash. A beer we get to choose. Now, you need to know that collectively, we have many opinions and it takes us a while to reach a final decision on anything. I mean, it took us nearly two weeks to decide on the beer quote we're putting on the back of our soon-to-be-released Hoosier Beer Geek t-shirts. So telling us to pick a beer that represents us for this event has touched off a debate. Any of you want to make some suggestions??


  1. In reverse order, my top 3 picks:

    3. Spaten Optimator - Can't turn up my nose at lagers, and this is my favorite lager to date.

    2. Three Floyds Alpha King - Need some love for an Indiana brewery.

    1. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA - Mmmmmmmmmm!

  2. My two current picks are Dogfish 90 and Left Hand Milk Stout... but I think I can get both of those at Shallos.

  3. I also like the Dogfish 60.

  4. I've been thinking about the beer that we want to select for our anniversary beer. How exactly do we choose? Do we try to be beer dorks and select something that nobody has ever hear? Or do we go with something that is everybody's favorite? It is a tough call.

    At Deano's suggestion, I went to the WCB Beer Finder and did a search for Keg beers. There are 203 different beers listed. Some jumped out at me right away. Some were new to me. I figure we need to select a beer that we know we like. But still have a beer geek quality to it.

    That is why I am going to propose Dogfish Head Aprihop. It's available in a keg. We all sampled it and liked it, but didn't do a full review. And where in Indy is it available on tap? No where! Good geek beer.

    Other beers I would support:
    Dogfish Head 90, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, anything Three Floyd's, Piraat, and as a fall back (and I say that because it is readily available at the Rath and other gin joints) Spaten Optimator.

  5. 1. Dogfish 90
    2. Gumballhead
    3. Piraat

  6. 3) Piraat

    2) Alpha King

    1) Aprihop

    honorable mention: Dogfish Head 60/90, Optimator, Robert the Bruce.

  7. Now that we've all voted and seem to have an almost consensus, we definitely need to pick something complete different. Like Three Floyd's Dolemite Malt Liquor.

    Ok maybe not that.

  8. Dogfish 90 seems to have the most votes, then Optimator, followed by Piraat, then Alpha King & Aprihop.

    Should I pass this on to Nick?

  9. Surprise everyone with this: Generic Big Market beer on the front and something unique and good on the back along with a catchy saying

  10. By my math, I think Optimator needs to be further down on the list.

    By number of mentions, you have:
    1.) Dogfish 90
    2.) Alpha King, Piraat (tied)
    3.) Optimator, Aprihop, Gumballhead (tied)

    If you give weight to the votes (+3 for 1st, +2 for 2nd, +1 for 3rd), the order looks like this:

    1.) Dogfish 90
    2.) Aprihop
    3.) Alpha King
    4.) Piraat
    5.) Optimator
    6.) Gumballhead

    Combining the two lists, I'd suggest this list to Nick:
    1.) Dogfish 90
    2.) Alpha King
    3.) Piraat
    4.) Aprihop
    5.) Optimator
    6.) Gumballhead

  11. the folks at a messageboard I read suggested the following:

    Gouden Carolus
    North Coast Red Sea

    I've never had either.

  12. North Coast brands are usually good, but I've never tried the one mentioned. I'm still stickin' to my picks.

    I agree with Jason's ranking system since he's the architect and, hence, good at math.