20 July 2007

Indiana RelicAle at Spencer's

From our good friend Spencer:
2nd Annual Indiana ReplicAle Tasting Thursday July 26th

"This weekend is the Indiana Brewer’s Festival and right on its heels will be our now annual microbrew event, The Indiana ReplicAle Tasting Thursday July 26th. As you may know a ReplicAle is when a group of brewers agree on the same recipe and then they each produce a batch of similar, but slightly differing tastes due to brewer’s choices.

Last year’s event was the first time the Indiana ReplicAle’s were available to be tasted side-by-side. It was also a really huge success with a full room of great beer geeks and great food from FOT Tyler Herald.

More than 6 brewers are participating and we’ll have their designer creations for $2 per half-pint. If you enjoy comparing and contrasting subtle taste sensations in beers, then don’t miss this."

1 comment:

  1. "Nice timing, Spencer's Stadium Tavern." he said, smirking.