23 July 2007

KOTBR Unofficial Meeting: Indiana Microbrewers Festival

For this unofficial meeting, we enjoyed a beautiful day at the 12th Annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival - Opti Park, Broad Ripple. No specific beer was decided upon for official review, we instead decided to pick our favorites.

Jim "saw a few football-beer drinkers in need of some beer education" and picked his five favorites including:
  • Diamond Kings of Heaven - Brugge Brasserie
Mike couldn't decide whether he liked beer or not and made observations like:
  • I very rarely use the word "boobies".
Chris, amused by midgets and t-shirts, picked some favorite brews like:
  • "Angry Melon" from Brugge
Jason gave the Rachel Ray "Yum-o" seal of approval on the Bell's Bourbon Barrel Double Cream Stout/Expedition Stout Blend and also enjoyed beers like:
  • Founders Space Mountain Brown Ale
Kelly finished the beer geek reviews with a plethora of lists (and pictures) including:
  • Top three ironic and otherwise amusing t-shirts spotted at the Festival (besides ours!)
We would especially like to thank:

The Good Beer Show, Indiana Beer, the Brewers of Indiana Guild, Intake, Nuvo, Great Lakes Brewing News, the numerous general beer fans we met from the Foam Blowers of Indiana, Bob Ostrander, and of course, all of you for reading the blog.

Let us know if you received a business card and what beers you liked the best.

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