01 October 2009

GABF 2009 Road Trip: Wrap-Up Post

Jess and I are back from GABF and all we have to show for it are these pictures. Well, the pictures and enough beer, clothing and glassware to fill the back of a Subaru Outback. My apologies for most of these being orange-tinted, but the inside of the convention hall really is that color. I'm just keeping it real for you guys.

The biggest improvements this year were the addition of the VIP line, 30% more space in the convention hall and greater recycling and compost efforts. The VIP line was for AHA members and allowed us to enter the festival floor about fifteen minutes before the regular doors (no beer during that time but we could get in line for New Glarus). The 30% more space wasn't because there were less breweries but instead because this convention is slowly taking over all the space the convention center has to offer. More space means less crowded aisles! The recycling thing may seem kind of dumb to some of you, but it was really nice to have compost, recycling and trash receptacles at each column (along with free water). Here are some statistics:

First beer of GABF 2009: Foothills Sexual Chocolate
Last beer of GABF 2009: Brugge Tripel de Ripple
Longest brewery line: New Glarus (as always)
Longest line for individual tapping: Sam Adams Utopias 2009 (priceless was the reaction of "ew this is gross, where's the Bud Light Lime?!?")
Best surprise brewery: Trinity Brewing Company
Remarkable breweries we tried for the first time at GABF: Captain Lawrence, Short's, Kuhnhenn, Chuckanut, Trinity, Cascade
Times Jess had Maui Coconut Porter: Eight
Best part of being a Hoosier Beer Geek: Being recognized by Sam Calagione

So long GABF, until next year!

Welcome to GABF!

VIP line for those who were AHA members

Redhook has helpful signage

Happy Birthday Boulder!

Some people dress up

And some people... right.

This is what the typical brewery space looks like

And this is the house Shiner built - all entrances and no exits

New Belgium's sour beers were delicious

Sam Adams Utopias drew quite a crowd

Garrett Oliver is the best dressed man in brewing

Sam of HBG3 Toast fame posing for the camera

Clay picking a fight with the brewer from Green Flash
(We're beard brothers)

Collaborate Evil talk where we tried all 9 variants

Guess who just won two medals
(Couldn't find the Barley Island guys to get their reactions)

Poor bear doesn't get beer

The masses unload on downtown Denver

And this is AFTER we got back to the hotel


And if you didn't find Waldo in the earlier pictures, here's a reminder of what he looks like


  1. I think that Maui Brewing Comapny Coconut Porter might be my favorite beer at GABF, same with Brugge Diamond Kings and Firestone Walker Double Barrel Pale Ale.

    My third GABF and I still go back to the same beers - awesome or lame?!?

  2. It would only be lame if that's ALL you drank.