21 April 2009

Revisting: DarkLord Day 2008

The following story originally ran on April 26th, 2008. We thought we'd wet your whistle for this year's DarkLord Day, happening this Saturday. Are you headed up to Munster? Drop a comment - we'd love to share a beer with some readers.

We went, we saw, we spent a lot of money.

While I haven't heard a head count for the 2008 DarkLord Day at Three Floyds, I do know there were more people than last year. I know that the beer went on sale at 11 AM and ran out at around 4 to 4:30 PM. I know that some folks went home uphappy when they realized they had spent five hours in line to acquire nothing.

Let's talk about that line... This is what the front looked like at about 11:30.

In this image you'll see what the front of the brewpub looks like - note the water tower in the upper right corner.

In this picture you'll see where the line curved around and went back on itself. For an idea of how far away from the brewpub that is, check out the water tower again.

And this is the end of the line at 1:30. The last guy in line had just arrived.

Or like this:

For Gina and I, who arrived at Three Floyds at 8 AM and got into line, the day was an overwhelming success. We were lucky enough to secure 12 bottles, sample the Oak Aged Dark Lord (which might be the best beer I've ever had, and I'm not really that big a fan of Dark Lord...), and meet and drink with a ton of good folks.

So how about you? Did you make it up? Leave a comment, and tell us how your day went. And if you weren't fortunate enough to make it up to Munster, stick around.

Hoosier Beer Geek will be giving some away in the future.

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  1. Tip one for me, I wish I could go but flight prices were not very forgiving for it.

  2. Where (were) you coming from Joe? The fact that you looked into flights is both admirable and frightening.

  3. I'll be at DLD. I'm hoping to be at the pre-party at Crown Brewing Friday night as well. It's conveniently within walking distance of my in-laws.

  4. I was going to come from Boston...to be fair I would be visiting family in Indy as well. At least I get to go down the street to the ACBF coming up here ;-)