06 April 2009

Another T-Shirt Winner: Jason (JJ) Burk

The funny thing about T-shirt giveaway contests is that you've got to remember to pick a winner. 29 comments were left in our "Leave a Comment, Win a Shirt Contest 3" and after throwing the numbers into our random number generator, we came up with the number 19.

The 19th comment in the contest was left by JJ, whose story brought back the good old days:
Coors Light...still the choice in fact, although my dad's tastes have change slightly for the better. I think there's a mild appreciate for flavor now; partially due to his interest in wine and its complexity, I think he's taken a similar fondness to some (lighter) craft beers.

I remember on a canoe trip, about 12 years old, getting to have a cold coors like, sipping on that grainy, bitter can of (now known as) swill, thinking "why do people like this crap?" But I wanted to be cool enough to finish it off. It wasn't until later that I realized it can give you a buzz -- clearly the reason people drank beer at all.

I can't quite fully grasp the logic behind outlawing driving with a beer...If I were drunk, I wouldn't have a beer in my hand -- who wants that kind of attention? I would only drive with a beer if I knew it was my first or second of the day, to make sure that even though I might get fined (now $500 - $1000; I certainly wouldn't blow beyond a .08. Admittedly, it really isn't worth the financial risk, though occasionally a road soda hits the spot.
Thanks to everyone for playing, and to the folks at Yesterbeer for the prize donation.

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