18 August 2009

HBG 3 Details: Guest Beer #5 Through #12


Mad Anthony British IPA

Our experience with Mad Anthony goes way back, but surprisingly enough it wasn't until KOTBR #77 (The Socratic Beer Method) that we actually roundtabled one of their beers (their regular IPA).

The beer we'll have at HBG3 isn't that beer. What we've got instead is a British-style IPA, a beer that you'll find very little information about online. Limited release? New style? Special occasion only? Perhaps all three. We're excited.

Upland Wheat

For KOTBR#71 (Indiana Beer Night), the Knights descended upon Zing and drank their way through three of Indiana's finest, one of which was Upland Wheat. When the summer season hit this year, I became addicted to the beer, which is amazingly easy-drinking. Like a soda, almost. Its inclusion on our list comes at the insistence of both Chris and I.

Cari from Upland passes along the following info:
A classic rendition of a Belgian Wit, Upland Wheat is light on the tongue and easygoing yet refreshingly tart with a distinct citrus finish. We use organic orange peel, chamomile, and coriander to give Wheat its distinctive floral notes. We are proud to note that not only is Upland Wheat our signature beer, it is also the number one selling Indiana brewed beer in our state. It pairs well with just about any food but especially well with fish and shellfish, salads, and spicy foods.

ABV 4.0 %
IBU 12.6
OG 11

Upland Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Stout

Next up is another beer from Upland - one that you can't get in a bottle. In fact (to the best of my knowledge), you currently can only find on tap at the brewery in Bloomington. This is an inclusion based on reader and party attendee votes. Cari says:
A dark and robust beer brewed in the traditional stout method. Chocolate, pale, and roasted malts are used, which create enticing coffee overtones. Organic dark chocolate is added in the conditioning phase, which creates a complex finish. Then we place the beer in 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel casks for 3-4 months. This gives you a nice up front chocolate and coffee flavor and moderate bourbon flavor on the back.

ABV 6.8%

Oaken Barrel Snake Pit Porter

KOTBR #13 holds a special place in my heart--It was the first time Gina and I joined the (very small at the time) KOTBR for a drink. The beer reviewed that night? Oaken Barrel's Snake Pit Porter. "Pork barbecue in a bottle" is what Jason called it. A perfect brew for a summer picnic.
Not for the uninitiated, this robust ale is dark and flavorful with a mouthfeel edging towards the chewy side. Imported chocolate, crystal, and black malts are combined in the classic English tradition to make Snake Pit a complex tease for a mouthwatering palate.

ABV 5.80% / ABW 4.64%
IBU: 41

Three Floyds Smokin' Trebuchet Smoked Helles Bock

It wouldn't be an Indiana beer party without a beer from our friends up north, and they've come through in a big way for us with their Smokin' Trebuchet Smoked Helles. Use the internet to search far and wide, and I think you'll find that this is a beer that's making its first-time journey outside of the Three Floyds brewpub. BJCP style guidelines for smoked beer include the words "smoky, bacon-like, woody, or rarely almost greasy", but keep in mind that this is a Three Floyds beer, which means that guidelines are usually there to be stretched, disfigured, or broken.

Lafayette Brewing Company Tippecanoe Common Ale

KOTBR #78 (Lafayette, we are here!) found Jason, Gina, and myself sitting at the bar at Lafayette Brewing Company, where the tastiness of the beer was matched by the friendliness of our company. Our only regret that day was that our samples of Tippecanoe Common Ale were poured from a bottle instead of a tap.

Nevertheless, we gave Tippecanoe Common a four mug score, and vowed to try it again sometime when it was on tap. Little did we know that it would be at our own party. I said:
Hints of grapefruit-like hops are nicely balanced with a tasty caramel back, giving you a hoppy yet complex and extremely sessionable red ale.

Rock Bottom Downtown Hoosier Ma Stout

We've been to Rock Bottom downtown in an official HBG KOTBR sense more than once, reviewing their Brickway Brown, seasonal IPA, and pumpkin ale.

But we haven't reviewed their Stout, which was the beer of choice in a private HBG/KOTBR party lineup vote. Luckily, you can help us out with that review.

Rock Bottom brewer Jerry says:
Hoosier Ma Stout
Milk Stout
sweet and creamy. Udderly delicious!
Hops: Golding Malts: English Pale, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Rolled Oats
ABV. 4.6% O.G. 13.8°

Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron

This one really came out of nowhere. We reviewed Palo Santo Marron at KOTBR #62 (A Very Special Hoosier Beer Geek Thanksgiving Roundtable) and everyone had vastly different opinions of this full-flavored beer. We've had it on tap since, and I think it's safe to say that it's definitely a different sort of animal every time--one we'll be happy to unleash in these bottles on the crowd.

Dogfish says:
An unfiltered, unfettered, unprecedented brown ale aged in handmade wooden brewing vessels. The caramel and vanilla complexity unique to this beer comes from the exotic Paraguayan Palo Santo wood from which these tanks were crafted. Palo Santo means "holy tree" and it's wood has been used in South American wine-making communities.

This beer is a 12% abv, highly roasty, and malty brown ale aged on the Palo Santo wood. It was a huge hit at our Rehoboth Beach brewpub when first released in November of 2006, Palo went into full production at the end of 2007.

At 10,000 gallons, our Palo Tank is the largest wooden brewing vessel built in America since before Prohibition (and we have two same-sized Oak tanks right next to it).

Food Pairing Recommendations:
Steak, chorizzo sausage, cajun cuisine, farmhouse cheddar

Tasting Notes:
caramel, vanilla, Paraguayan palo santo wood

Wine Comparable:
Oak Aged Cabernet

ABV: 12.0%
IBU: 50
We say yay. What do you say?

So... tickets? Here's the link. There are less than 20 left. There are no day-of tickets. We'll see you Saturday at 6PM at Sun King. And (just in case) you might want to bring a lawn chair. Still waiting to see what Brugge is bringing for lucky beer 13...


  1. Damn... I've been ensnared by the promise of some ver tasty elixirs. Tickets bought.

    You can now officially call this a party since I'm attending!

  2. Super excited to try that smoked helles! We had one up at the Three Floyds brewpub last summer and it was great!

    Oh wait, we posted about it here: http://hoosierbeergeek.blogspot.com/2008/07/illiana-beer-trail-introducing-jess.html