25 August 2009

Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione Toasts HBG3

One of the things you missed if you weren't able to attend our party was a special video specifically prepared by the folks at Dogfish Head for the event. The folks at World Class Beverages worked with DFH to set the whole thing up. To say it was a pleasant surprise would be an understatement.

Here's a link to the video for our email/rss readers

Our thanks go out to Sam and Mariah at Dogfish Head, and to the folks at WCB for their efforts.


  1. How ironic that Sam toasted with a Palo Santo Marron and you guys rated it abysmally... You all should be ashamed, except for Rod. He's cool.

  2. When we had it out of the bottle I wasn't a fan of it. I thought it was very one dimensional, but when I had it on tap it was fantastic. I need to find it on tap in Indiana again.

  3. Scott,

    Did Rodney put you up to that comment? We just had this conversation via email.

    The scores weren't all bad - I gave it a 3 (my "would try again" line) and Jess gave it a 3.1.

    I think it's such a distinct beer that if you don't enjoy the prevalent flavors, you're probably just not going to like it. The learning curve with Palo Santo Marron is a bit steeper - we said "black liquorish, sassafras, molasses, some cough medicine I had and hated as a kid (someone else said Dimetapp, bourbon, and toasted wood all came to play" - it's not like those are flavors that you get with a lot of beers.

    Here's a link to that review for anyone who's wondering

    In the end, a lady has a right to change her mind. And I like to think of HBG as a lady.

  4. I thought you were talking about me Mike, apparently I'm not a lady anymore.

  5. I think this Scott fellow is on to something.

  6. Like Matt, I've had it on tap before and found it to be excellent. And I wasn't around for our review. If I had been, I'd have given it a high three or low four mug rating.

  7. The fact that HBG is a lady doesn't mean nobody else gets to be one, Jess. You can be a lady too. And so can Gina, and so can Rodney.

  8. It's because Jim hates thanksgiving, that's why he wasn't there. Also I think the bottle we had was much hotter than what we had for our toast. If I had reviewed the bottle I toasted with at HBG3 I probably would have gone 3.7 instead of 3.1 - still a good score though. At least I didn't give it a 2.

  9. I make no apologies for giving the PSM a 2.5 last year at Thanksgiving. Honestly, it wasn't a good bottle.

    At HBG3, I would give the bottle we toasted with a 4.0. The flavors were better blended and, as Jess said, I think the first bottle was hotter.

    And I don't have a problem with re-reviewing beers. Recipes change. Hell, one batch can be different from another batch based on when it was brewed and how fresh or aged it is, etc. etc. etc.

    That's part of the fun of it.

    And Scott, you should be ashamed for pandering to Rod. He is so uncool.

  10. Oh, I now very very much like the banner!

  11. Oh, and what a kick a$$ shout out no doubt!

  12. jason,

    kudos to you for sticking to your guns. if you guys start retracting your opinions you will invalidate yourselves and ruin all the great things you have done for craft beer in Indiana. If a beer is sub par you SHOULD tell the brewer.

  13. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as batch/bottle variations in Craft Brewing. There are many different variables that can contribute to this, and not even BMC products are immune. For example, it seems recently I've had several infected bottles of beer that I've had before and really enjoyed. I also just had a strange experience with a Bullfrog offering that I had on two separate occasions (a few months a part). Both bottles were from the one and only batch brewed, but they tasted vastly different.

    As with DFH Palo Santo Marron, I had the first released batch and enjoyed it so much I picked up a case. Of course this beer only gets better with age, and I had one from that first batch a few months ago that was amazing. On the other hand, I also really enjoyed the fairly fresh bottle we toasted with at Sun King.

    Revisiting a beer should most definitely be a valid option to any serious reviewer. Especially if a "bad" or "off" bottle might be a possibility. DFH Palo Santo Marron has almost 2,000 combined reviews on BA and RB and it's rated 4.18/5 and 3.87/5 respectively...