17 August 2009

HBG3 Details: Guest Beer #3 - Barley Island German Alt Replicale

Blah blah blah Sun King, blah blah food, blah blah HBG3. Blah blah-blah blah tickets. Blah blah capped at 150. Blah there will be no day-of tickets for the event blah blah.

And the next beer on the list:

Each year the Brewers of Indiana share a common recipe and make a special beer for the Microbrewers Festival. The beer style for this year was German Alt.

Notes from IndianaBeer.com:
The smoothness of an ale but less fruity. As bitter as a British Ale with a crisp tang from Noble hops. The Indiana Replicale has Kölsch, Vienna, Munich Dark, and Carafa I malts with Perle hops.

Alt means Old in German. Only the area around Düsseldorf and Cologne continued to use top-fermenting yeast when lagers became the rage in Germnay in the late 1800s.

O.G. 12.5 plato IBU's 32

Malt: Global Kolsch 85%
Global Vienna 9%
Global Munich dark 5%
Weyermann Carafa1 1%

Hops: Perle 6.3% alpha

Yeast: Whatever your heart desires.
We'll have it for you at the Hoosier Beer Geek Third Anniversary Roundtable at Sun King Brewing on August 22nd.

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