19 August 2009

HBG3 Directions and Final Details

Now that the event is officially sold out*, those of you with tickets are probably curious about the logistics of this little shindig. Those of you without tickets have to suffer through this little exercise and have hopefully reserved the next 12 months on your calendars for future HBG events.

Everyone who has purchased a ticket. The ticket gets you a tasting glass and beer will only be poured in tasting glasses. Since the regular tickets have sold out, we're considering the DD tickets sold out as well. We know our readers have enough respect to not abuse the DD system like some people do at beer festivals, but just to be safe we've turned off ticket sales. If you don't have a ticket and you're not on the Will Call list, we can't let you in. We were totally serious about that "no day of sales" thing.

Sun King Brewing Company
135 N. College Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Keep in mind College is a one-way, northbound street downtown.

Saturday, August 22
6PM - ???

We'll continue the party until one of three things happen:

  • We legally have to stop pouring beer

  • We run out of beer

  • The good folks at Sun King kick us out

  • Secret underground* Sun King Brewery

    5-courses of food provided by Chef JJ and the Backyard Grill Orchestra. We're going to keep this fairly informal, so there will be food stations strategically positioned. This is a party, not a formal dinner. Pairing is encouraged.

    When you enter you'll receive a a commemorative 12oz tasting glass - which we'll pour a bit short since you'll probably be walking around. You'll also receive a punch card or tickets or tokens or shillings good for FOUR Sun King beers of your choice and FOUR guest beers of your choice. On top of that, you're welcome to sample all of the guest beers without your punch card. We encourage everyone to sample everything and use your punch card on the beers you like the most. Obviously when a beer runs out, it's done forever, so get your favorites in first. In summary, you're getting 8 half-pints plus however many samples you want.

    If for some reason that's not enough beer, the brewery ninjas at Sun King will be selling additional pours of their beer and growlers of Sun King beer to take home.

    Beer comes out of these

    Because it's our birthday! Let's party!

    *Two tickets remaining as of 3PM Sold out as of 3:30PM
    *Sun King is not underground.


    1. If ticket sales are turned off, how do I get those last 2 tickets remaining?

    2. No no no ... how do "I" get those last two tickets remaining? :-)

    3. Buy them here:


      First one to buy them wins!

      Ticket sales are to be turned off as soon as those two tickets are sold. We wanted to run this post before the email went out today (first round of emails goes out at 3PM if you're on our mailing list) and when I typed this up I assumed we would be sold out by 3PM. I guess I jumped the gun.

    4. Actually it looks like one of you figured it out, as they're sold out now!

      I'll update the post.

    5. Hmm, I refreshed it several times and it never said anything but Sold Out to me.

      Oh Well.

    6. Glad I bought my tix ahead of time. Looking forward to this event of awesome magnitude. ;-)

    7. i'm on a roll today, so take this with a grain of salt... but shoot, would have been nice to know the "8 1/2 pints" deal going in (still seems like more than a fair deal to me!)

      good luck and enjoy!

    8. Congrats on selling out. You guys have some great beer in the lineup and Im sorry I could not attend. Keep up the good work... @dfranks

    9. Thanks, David, we really appreciate comments like that one.