14 August 2009

HBG3 Details: Guest Beer #1 - Schlafly India Brown Ale

I'm well aware that this kind of thing can get old quick if you're not interested or haven't bought tickets for our anniversary party. We're growing closer to our goal for ticket sales (which will be capped at 150), and we once again want to remind you that there will be no day-of tickets for the event. In fact, ticket sales will be closing Friday, August 21st at 6PM. If you haven't bought by then, you're out of luck. If you haven't bought before tickets run out, you're also out of luck. We're trying to do our best to warn you.

Here we go.

Schlafly India Brown Ale

We've had a very good relationship with the folks at Schlafly for a few years now, so we were delighted to hear that they'd be helping us out with our anniversary event. Schlafly’s Tap Room brewer Brennan crafted India Brown to celebrate his marriage to Natasha in 2008. It’s brown in color, but hopped more like an IPA, especially in aroma, as it was dry hopped with Cascade and Willamette. 40 IBUs, 5.2% abv.

Our friend and Schlafly rep Scott says: "I know you all got to try it last year, but we tweaked the recipe this year. It's now dry-hopped with Simcoe Hops. I had it last week and it is amazing!!!"

This beer is listed as a Schlafly Tap Room Only single batch series beer on their website, and was be released there on August 7th. We'll have it for you at the Hoosier Beer Geek Third Anniversary Roundtable at Sun King Brewing on August 22nd.

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