19 August 2009

HBG 3 Details: Guest Beer #13 and the Hosts' Lineup

The lack of comments lately either means you're overwhelmed or that you're not attending HBG3. In any case, we soldier on.

First off, a bit of unfortunate news. Due to some unforeseen complications, Brugge will not be providing beer for our event. In any case, we thank them them for the interest and continued friendship, and we'll catch up with Ted and company again soon. Maybe for a breakfast?

The good news is that we've got something else in Brugge's place.

This morning we recieved the following email from Mat Gerdenich at Cavalier:
Watching the line up develop on the website and looking at current inventory and thought maybe a half brl of Cerise from Founders might be a good fit for this Saturday.
Yes, please.

Despite our love for all that Founders does, we haven't yet reviewed Cerise. Founders says:
You’ll have a soft spot for this one. Using only fresh Michigan tart cherries, this beauty tantalizes with intense flavors combined with a no hesitation malt bill. Adding fresh cherries at five separate stages of fermentation achieves the ultimate balance between tartness and sweetness.

6.5% ABV
15 IBU
We've all sampled this beer before and we know it'll be an excellent addition to the lineup.

* * * * *

Of course guest beer 13 isn't the end of the lineup... we've still got a list of beers from Sun King.

(Lineup subject to possible changes)

Sunlight Cream Ale

Sunlight Cream Ale is our most approachable beer and is a great introduction to the world of Craft Beer. Cream ale is one of the earliest styles of American beer, but was virtually wiped out by American lager brewers.

Our Cream Ale is an all malt beer. Only the finest quality barley, wheat, and oats are used to give this beer its smooth malt profile, which is delicately balanced with American hops and a cool fermentation to give this beer a crisp, clean finish.

ABV: 5.3%
IBU’s: 20

Bitter Druid ESB

The Bitter Druid ESB is a new twist on an old favorite. Our Americanized ESB blends American two-row pale malt with choice British specialty malts to create a rich malt start that is followed by a crisp, American hop finish. This beer is a wonderful gateway to the world of hops due to its delicate balance and rich array of flavors.

ABV: 5.8%
IBU’s: 43

Wee Mac Brown

Wee Mac is a Scottish style Brown Ale. Fermented at cooler than normal temperatures to mimic the climate of Scotland, Wee Nessie is an easy drinking brown ale that is both smooth and malty with caramel and chocolate tones. Hops are used sparingly in this beer and serve only to help balance the sweetness of the malt.

ABV: 5.4%
IBU’s: 23

Osiris Pale Ale

Osiris Pale Ale is an assertive American Pale and is not meant for the timid. Crafted by our brewers for our brewers, Osiris blends three choice varieties of American hops to create a spicy, citrus hop punch that is sure to satisfy any hop head. Every batch of Osiris is dry-hopped towards the end of fermentation for maximum hop flavor, aroma, and character.

ABV: 5.6%
IBU’s: 50

Das Boot Alt

Das Boot Alt is a traditional German Brown Ale that is fermented cool, which creates a clean malt profile and smooth, easy-drinking beer.

This beer is part of the Replicale project by The Brewers of Indiana Guild that is headed up by Sun King’s own Dave Colt. Every year Dave creates a recipe that is then brewed by any Indiana brewery that wants to participate. Replicale showcases the vast nuances that are created by individual breweries due to their particular style.

ABV: 5.8%
IBU’s: 32

Firefly Wheat

A unique and complex take on Belgian Wheat Beer. Firefly utilizes a special yeast that imparts fruity and spicy notes to the beer, which compliments the character of the wheat malt. Firefly is unfiltered and crafted from the finest quality American malts, which creates a delightful drinking experience.

ABV: 5.2%
IBU’s: 13

* * * * *

Rumor has it that we might also be seeing Sun King's Saison de Taffy, Belgian Dark, Imperial IPA, and a firkin of something.

So what's left? Tomorrow we'll have photos of the location, directions, tips, and anything else we can thing of to roundup the event info.

I think we have less than 10 tickets left right now. There will be no day-of tickets for the event. You knew that already.


  1. I am super excited to have this beer in the lineup. Thanks Mat and Cavalier! I had it on tap recently at Old Town Ale House and really enjoyed it.

    This time we won't mix it with Dark Chocolate...maybe.


  2. Oooooh, a Sun King Wit! I can't shake my summer wit craze (and obsession with Upland Wheat) to I'm excited to try theirs.

    No Saison de Taffy?!

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot that Saison... let me put that in there.

  4. Don't be surprised if you see a beer or two from one (or more) MECA Brewers there, too!

  5. you guys must be driving up the beer prices. i got two cases of alpha king for the wedding that day and it cost like 300 bucks!

  6. I hope you at least got dinner beforehand, geez.

  7. Cerise mixed with some Ten FIDY is sublime...

    Maybe I'll bring a few cans Saturday.