15 August 2009

HBG3 Details: Guest Beer #2 - Mad River John Barleycorn Barleywine

You already know that we'll have samples of six Sun King beers and an extensive food menu from Chef JJ at HBG3 (our third anniversary roundtable/party). You've certainly either already bought tickets or you've put the plan in place to buy a ticket for our anniversary party. You know that every minute we're growing closer to our goal for ticket sales (which will be capped at 150), and that if you snooze you lose. And of course you know that there will be no day-of tickets for the event. I'm even willing to believe that you've had the words "ticket sales will be closing Friday, August 21st at 6PM" tattooed on your forehead.

Now all you need to do is stay tuned while we roll out the beer list.

Mad River John Barleycorn Barleywine

Early on in Hoosier Beer Geek history, we reached out to the folks at Cavalier (and Mat Gerdenich specifically) to get an idea of how they handle their beer business. Mat's been a friend ever since, and he's been quite generous in providing us with a half barrel of Mad River's John Barleycorn Barleywine.

Mad River says:
Our Seasonal Offering. We honor the Harvest & Holidays each year by brewing a traditional Barleywine style ale, using a variety of ingredients.

Brewed in small 10-barrel batches with Certified Organic barley malt, this crimson hued ale has a sweet caramel nose with a zesty spicy, citrus taste. It has a slight hop finish and leaves a warm, tingling sensation on the tongue.

Starting Gravity 1.098
Finish Gravity 1.020
ABV 9.5
IBU 96
Sounds like a proper fall kick-off to me. We'll have it for you at the Hoosier Beer Geek Third Anniversary Roundtable at Sun King Brewing on August 22nd.

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