25 August 2009

Really Random Beer Roundup - French Mike Versus Clayton Edition

Bonjour. All of us at zee Hoosier Beer Geek feel a treemendous debt to Clayton and Dave and all at zee Sun King, and een order to finally eleviate zee gigantic weight - a masseeve and unbearable burden, een fact - I've agreed to run - just zees once - a special Sun King only Randome Beer Roundup.

Au contraire! I'm am only teezing zee Sun Kings. But, alas..

Clayton wants to let you all know that these things are happening zis week. From Zee Sun King Brewery:
Firefly Wheat Tapping - Wednesday, 6:00 pm @ Binkley's

4 Beer Tapping - Thursday 6:00 p.m. @ The Lockerbie Pub - That's right. The Lockerbie added 4 lines just to put our beer on tap! Beaucoup Sun King!
C'est bon, no? So go out - allez! Seek out zee Sun Kings, and tell them that French Mike has zent you.

Au revoir!


  1. May I just say that it is AMAZINGLY COOL that Lockerbie Pub is adding tap lines specifically for Sun King. Of course, you could almost throw a baseball from Sun King to Lockerbie Pub, so that kind of relationship makes perfect sense.

  2. Godzilla Jason could throw a baseball that far.