14 August 2007

New brewhouse coming to southside

Though it's not listed as an upcoming location on the company's website, the Indy Star reported last week that the Southern California-based chain BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse will open in the re-developed section of Greenwood Park Mall in November. And while this is a corporate brewery (and will thereby draw hisses from some), their beer list shows they don't shy away from a good, strong beer with a 6.4% PM Porter, a 7.3% Jeremiah Red Ale, and an 8.5% Tatonka Imperial Stout. I, for one, am looking forward to having yet another option for good beer on the southside and in the city.


  1. I'm curious to try this one out. I'm not against the idea of a chain brewery, since it all comes down to the local brewmaster. The Rock Bottom downtown and the one in College Park are both Rock Bottoms, but the beers are entirely different interpretations of each style (and both locations are very good). But on the other hand, the one in downtown Chicago doesn't seem as good as the locations here.

    While being a chain shouldn't get you automatic acceptance, I don't think it should be a stigma. It's not like they're brewing Budweiser over there.

  2. Holy crap, that's an uber-brewery/restaurant chain! I count 64 total restaurants, plus 5 coming soon and the Greenwood location that isn't even mentioned for a total of 70.

    I thought Rock Bottom was pretty widespread, but they've only got about half as many, 33.

    There are 21 locations for The Ram, though the chain goes by different names in some locations.

    And to pump up the idea that chain breweries are just fine, I happen to think that one of the more unique breweries in town, Alcatraz, isn't all that great. I say unique as in there are only two in the country (though I think it used to be larger). Rock Bottom and The Ram are far better.

  3. Yeah, I'm with you all on the chains. Of course, I have a special place in my beer belly for unique and distinctly Hoosier breweries. But these guys are making their own brew at each location, like you said Rodney. Hopefully, the beer "snobs" amongst us will give them a chance.