21 August 2007

Beer Diary - Jim

I've been doing some research, just like Mike has. In my case, however, it's been field research at a few of Indiana's brewpubs. But before I get to the results of my research, here are my current favorite and recommended beers:
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA
Lindemans Framboise Lambic
Piraat Ale

And now, the results of the field research:

18 August 2007 Location: Broad Ripple Brewpub, Indianapolis, IN

Broad Ripple Brewpub IPA - A classic English IPA. Golden brown color. Typically bitter, with a citrusy nose, but balanced out with more malt than an American IPA. As I've come to expect from the BRB, it is served at the perfect temperature. A nice, crisp beer for a summertime thirst.

17 August 2007 Location: Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, College Park, Indianapolis, IN

Simcoe Pale Ale (Cask Conditioned) - Celebrating a simcha with some fellow M.O.T. Nothing like a bunch of drunk and happy Jews. Abraham and Sarah would be proud of their progeny. Anyway, the Simcoe is a dry hopped American pale ale. Reddish gold color. Very floral, piney nose. Taste follows suit. This is what sucking on a pine cone must be like (but in a good way). More like an IPA in character than an APA. Want to have another one of these, but am afraid I'll tell another rude circumcision joke, so I call it a night. A seasonal offering, so get it while it lasts.

7 August 2007 Location: Shoreline Brewery & Restaurant, Michigan City, IN

Queen Mum IPA - Back in my old stomping grounds in The Region enjoying a little vacation time on Lake Michigan. The beautiful wife and I need some place to eat lunch. Fast food is out of the question, as is the local diner. Then, I remember that Shoreline is just up the road. Brewery and restaurant are in an old warehouse a stone's throw from the lake (and unfortunately, the local power station). Very cool building--exposed brick, high ceiling, spacious brewing facility and dining area. Order the house specialty salad (which turns out to be excellent) and see three IPA's on the beer menu (do you see a pattern in my beer-drinking habits here?). Am tempted by the double IPA on the menu, but don't want to get s***-faced at this stage of the day, so I opt for the Queen Mum. A serviceable English IPA, much like the Broad Ripple Brewpub's offering except hoppier. Very, very dry. Good, but not outstanding. Will try the double IPA the next time I visit.


  1. A beer lesson and a Judaism lesson all in one. You don't get that just anywhere.

  2. I have seen where "bier stube" is translated as "beer room" or the room where the beer is. This could be a bar (lots of bars called Beer Stube or Bier Stube) or a special place at a fish fry or whatever. Probably related to a cities' German Heritage.

  3. Simcoe Pale Ale was awesome. I didn't have any of the cask conditioned SPA, but I did help drain a keg at a party!

  4. Yeah, the Simcoe is lovely stuff. Just goes to show that the corporate brewpubs know how to brew some top notch beer.

  5. Oh, and Mike - In my next post, I intend to incorporate a lesson from the Talmud. ;) I'm sure that somewhere in there, the rabbis had something to say about the Jewish approach to drinking beer. :)