27 August 2007

Is anybody else confused? - KOTBRs #24, #25, #26

As has become tradition at Hoosier Beer Geek, we like to wrap up our roundtables with a summary review to make things easier to sort out later. We've been so busy recently that the roundtables have run into each other, but I'm about to tie them all together in a nice little bow in hope that the confusion is behind us.

Roundtable #24 - Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA - All six knights made it to Deano's Vino for our one year anniversary - we were all lucky to make it back out Deano's door alive. + Vomit.

Chris - 5 Mugs, Jason - 5 Mugs, Jim - 5 Mugs, Kelly - 5 Mugs, Mike - 5 Mugs, Gina - 5 Mugs. Our first ever perfect score. 5.00 Mugs average.

Roundtable #25 - The Good Beer Show - Chris, Gina, and Mike take a trip up to Muncie to visit the Good Beer Show folks at the Fickle Peach and the Heorot. Chris sits out the mug ratings, which probably explains why they're so low. + Vomit.

Two Brother's Hop Juice: Gina - 3 Mugs, Mike - Mugs. 3.00 Mugs average.
Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard: Gina - 3 Mugs, Mike - 3.04 Mugs. 3.02 average.
Three Floyd's Fantabulous Resplendence: Gina - 2.5 Mugs, Mike - 1.0 Mugs. 1.75 average. Sorry Floyds. I'm going to try to make it up to you.

Roundtable #26 - The Retro Beer Challenge - Jim, Kelly, Mike, and Gina visit the Melody Inn to begin a series of beer tastings to find the best of the worst. Scores are then weighted in a method unlike anything we've done before because this is a tournament. Surprisingly enough, this review was minus vomit.

Budweiser: Jim - 2 points, Kelly - 2 points, Gina - 3 points, Mike - 3 points. 10 points total.
Rolling Rock: Jim - 3 points, Kelly - 3 points, Gina - 2 points, Mike - 2 points. 10 points total.
Pabst Blue Ribbon: Jim - 1 point, Kelly - 1 point, Gina - 1 point, Mike - 1 point. 4 points total.

Budweiser and Rolling Rock advance in the tournament.

There! I've done it. A complete summary of our last three roundtables. It's a miracle. Hopefully we'll never be this disorganized again.


  1. OK, two vomit things in a row. Maybe too much of a good thing at once isn't good for the KOTBR!
    No surprise about the last event. Who would want to drink much of swill in a smoky bar? If it was on draft, even worse. Many places don't keep up their draft lines.

  2. Yeah, vomit is not cool, but I think we've learned our lesson.

    We finished the roundtable before the place really got going at the Mel, so we didn't have to deal with too much smoke.

  3. Those of you that ratde Budwiser the same as Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard should be drug out in street and shot. You obviously should not be tasting or rating beer

  4. As we've mentioned many times before, our mug rating system is far from perfect. We freely admit that.

    But that's all really beside the point because (as you might have seen if you'd read the reviews more closely) we've never given a mug rating to Budweiser. Rather, we simply pitted Budweiser against other American macros in a blind tasting "tournament" and used a point system to determine the winner of each round of the tournament. This point system was used only for the purposes of the tournament. It was not used to assign a mug rating to any of the beers consumed in that tournament.

  5. Those of you without reading comprehension should be drug out in the street and shot. Also those who blindly judge and attack people on the Internet. We're going to need more bullets...