16 August 2007


As mentioned the other day, Mike, Gina & I are heading to Muncie on Saturday to check out the Heorot. We confirmed today that we're also going to be the guests on The Good Beer Show, and they're letting us pick the beer. Now these guys know beer - we're mere amateurs next to them. So, as Mike said in an email today, we're going to need to break out our A game.

So we've decided to man up with Hop Juice, a limited run 9.9% Double IPA from Two Brothers Brewing Company in Warrenville, IL. Self-described as "for Hopheads only", Hop Juice has a lot of positive buzz out in the beer geek world. We'll see if we need more beer after that . . .

Look on both sites next week for the cross-collaboration!

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  1. Howdy Beer Geeks!
    Thanks for coming on the good beer show and bringing the tasty beers! The DeRoc was F a n t a s t i c !