10 August 2007

Dogfish Head 90 - So good it'll make you dance. To 80's music.

Except Phil Collins - he's a buzzkill. Right, Chris?

I was really going to try and take some concise notes for this tasting, but I didn't get much farther than "Oh My God. This beer is trouble." After that it's incoherent scrawl. I had no trouble remembering that Deano was a fantastic host. His generosity and hospitality were greatly appreciated.

As always, thanks to all of our beer geek friends - new and old. I cannot seem to put into words just how much fun I had meeting and talking with everyone. All of the camaraderie made up for the difficulty of going to work bright and early Friday morning. Fortunately, I faired better than Mike; all I lost was a little bit of dignity (from dancing like an idiot) and a couple hours of sleep.

Not having the opportunity to have the 90 Minute before, my expectations were for a much stronger version of a 60 Minute. I was pleasantly met with something exponentially better (and I'm a fan of 60 Minute). It was absolutely perfect from the first taste. The temperature was right, the nose wasn't overwhelming and it didn't taste overly hoppy. This beer is positively 5 mugs.

Again, thanks to all who came. I really would like to do it again soon...when I'm off work the next day.

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