26 August 2007

KOTBR #26 - The Retro Beer Challenge Round One (Gina's Review)

As Jim and Mike previously stated, we did this first round of the Retro Beer Challenge at the Melody Inn.

Beer A - This one smelled like bananas and had a banana peel aftertaste. 1.5 mugs.

Beer B
- This one reminded me of a car mechanic's garage. The smell was part mildew, part motor oil. The taste was initially smoother than Beer A and I thought I would like it better, but I ended up drinking only half of my sample. 1.25 mugs.

Beer C
- This one was icky. Plain and simple. 0 mugs.

I was surprised at just how varied the tastes and smells were of each beer, and this challenge was really quite interesting.

My final rankings:

Beer A - 3 points
Beer B - 2 points
Beer C - 1 point

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