14 August 2007

Having finally sobered up, our hero Jason finally writes his review

Ninety minutes: how long it took me to notice that Mike was gone...how long it took Chris to get drunk enough to tell everybody how much he loves them...how long it took Kelly to regret not getting a later flight the next day...how long it took Jim to get drunk enough to agree that The Breakfast Club is a chick flick (okay, that's a lie; no amount of alcohol could make Jim say that)...how long Gina was cutting a rug to the 80's music, until a Phil Collins cut let all the air out of her balloon...how long it took me to undue the little bit of weight loss I had accomplished this summer (294 calories per 12 oz. serving)...the recommended time between servings of Dogfish Head 90 Minute Double IPA.

For our one year anniversary, we wanted to pull out all the stops. And that involved selecting a beer that would be enjoyed by all and be worthy of such an event. We decided on 90 Minute. It was definitely the right choice.

As mentioned before, the crowd was big and happy. Deano's was hopping. And some of the best beer buddies in Indiana showed up. Believe me, no one year old has ever had a 1st birthday party like this!

I will be honest in saying that this is not my favorite beer in the world, but it is certainly in my top ten. I will concur with my fellow knights and give it a 5 mug rating as well. It has the hops scent and mouth kick that I like, but is balanced out with a malty sweet goodness, leaving this double IPA approachable to most everyone. From the beautiful amber color with the foamy head, to the floral aromas given by the hops, to the notes of caramelized fruits in the taste, to the extreme drinkability, this beer is a near perfect all around beer. A perfect beer geek's beer for non-beer geek gatherings.

There is a reason why birthdays only come around once a year: you need that long to recover. I still ain't right from last Thursday night.

Thanks to all who read, to all who came, and to all who helped in making our first bash and our first year a big success.

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  1. It's got nothing to do with Thursday night - you just ain't right, period.