13 August 2007

Hangovers hurt more than they used to . . .

Just a late follow-up from last Thursday, now that I finally seem to have recovered. It was a hell of a time, and has made me eagerly anticipate our 2nd birthday!

Thanks to all the people who came out (unofficial estimates between 50-60) and joined us for the party. It blew my mind to see that many folks show up for some good beer. I hope you all will continue to join us in the future.

And a special thanks to Deano and the crew for their generosity and hospitality! I think Deano was trying to get me drunk, and he took me home, but I don't think he took advantage of me! Though the later part of the night / early morning is all kinda fuzzy and not sure I remember all of it.

Thanks to Dogfish Head 90 Minute for being one kick-ass (and kick my ass) beer! Wow! I know I was drinking from a stein and all, but it's been a real long time since a beer got me in the "I love you, man" State. Without a doubt, 5 mugs!

And thanks to the guys at Peppy's Grill for serving me around 3:30 or 4 Friday morning.

Looking forward to the next year . . .

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