16 August 2007

Beer Diary - Mike

I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that we do a fair bit of beer tasting on our own outside of Hoosier Beer Geek - a process I justify by calling it "research". In order to justify all that research, I try to take notes here and there as a way of cataloging my consumption. Here are those notes from the past few months - my beer diary.

If you've had any of the beers here and would like to discuss what you thought of them, please leave a comment.

Current Favorite and Recommended Beers (no particular order):

Brugge Beer (or Brasserie's) Black
Dogfish Head 60 + 90 Minute IPAs
Left Hand Milk Stout
Founders' Rubaeus - Even if you don't drink "fruity beers", it's definitely worth trying - especially when it starts to warm and gets creamier. I can't get enough of this stuff lately.
Franziskaner Hefeweizen - I'm just starting my discovery of the style - please recommend a hefe if you know of a great one.


14 August 2007 Location: Oaken Barrel, Greenwood, IN

Oaken Barrel Alabaster Belgian White - $2 pints! Served with an orange slice - usually when someone puts a piece of fruit in my beer I'm annoyed, but it's their beer, and they're brewing it, so the orange slice stayed. Light yellow color, slight lacing which was enhanced once I threw the whole slice in the glass. A light summery beer. Not worth writing home about, but not too bad. I'd drink it again.

Oaken Barrel Indiana Amber - Drank half of Gina's glass. Darker red color, almost cola-like. Hoppy front that finishes with a nutty brown ale sort of flavor. Pretty much right up the middle between an IPA and a brown ale. Not bad, not great, not very full bodied. I can't say I drink a lot of ambers, but I wouldn't have thought this was very true to style. Different, anyway.

09 August 2007 Location: Home

Clipper City Heavy Seas Hang Ten - It was late, and my calorie count was probably where it should have been, but I couldn't stop drinking soda and juice and everything else (note: try water) so I thought "what the hell". I'm trying to rid my fridge of beer, to be honest.

The label reads "unfiltered wheat beer in German style" so I was surprised at the punchy belgian-style nose. Very cloudy, caramel brown/orange color. Gina said "corn" and I agree - a bit of a cream corn taste. Strong alcohol, a bit fruity as well. Pretty good, but I only finished half. Would buy again, I think. Worth sharing.

06 August 2007 Location: Home

Unibroue 16 - Belgiumtastic, metallic, punchy, really metallic. And did I mention metallic. The bottle maybe? Punchy. Needs to warm.

This is a real burner. Tart, but in a weird way... almost like a tart feeling on the back of the tongue.

Hmm. Good, not great.

Note: I don't know how much I've eaten today, but it must not be much, because half a glass of this makes me feel like I'm being eaten by the couch. Usually I don't notice how much I've drank until I stand up... not the case currently.

I'd buy this again.

05 August 07 Location: Home

Summit Maibock - blah, and then once warmed, a slightly more interesting blah. Maybe if I was in the mood. A beer-tasting beer.

04 August 07 Location: Buddy Nate's House, Trenton IL:

Avery Saison (was it the Twelve?) - potpourri, spicy, overwhelming, didn't finish the glass

Delirium Noel - Delirium's Christmas Beer, same style as Tremens, overripe apple, punch in the mouth, I'd rather have Tremens

03 August 07 Location: Sidney Street Cafe, St. Louis, MO:

Franziskaner Hefeweizen - Bananas bananas, better and fuller when warmer, good stuff

19 June 07 Location: Home

Celis Grand Cru - Sweet nose that reminds me of Brugge's black - hints of apple and maybe bubblegum, clear bubbly golden appearance, no head.

I tried this cold out of the fridge and felt that it started very promising and then whacked me over the head with the alcohol...

Warmed up it's a little bit more mild, but the alcohol still comes out - almost overwhelming the taste of the beer, which hints at apple and bubblegum before the alcohol punch. The taste sits on the tongue after the swallow and doesn't really let up. I suppose this is what they call a "chewy" mouthfeel, in that it doesn't really go away.

All in all, it's just too much, really.

18 June 07 Location: Home

Dogfish Head Midas Touch - Grape almost grape koolaide nose, bubbles like champagne, no head or lacing, champagne coloring, champagne-ish bite, not hoppy, tight almost sour aftertaste that doesn't leave the tongue. Sits uneasy in the stomach. No thanks.

17 June 07 Location: Home

Breckenridge Vanilla Stout - Deep Red color, full head and lacing, vanilla coke, vanilla ice cream float-like nose, very very smooth, mild alcohol taste, very well balanced with no dominant flavors jumping out. no residing aftertaste. leaves a sweet odor/taste on the glass. not bad, not outstanding.

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