05 August 2007

Last one to post is a rotten egg!!

OK, so I know I'm like a week and a half late to the dance. So I'll keep it brief. My apologies to my fellow Knights for holding up the party, and my thanks to Mike and Gina for hosting me that week and a half ago at the New Belgium roundtable.

Let's just cut to the chase:

1554 - 4 mugs. Had a light mouthfeel, and a hint of wheat & chocolate in the nose. Coming in at 5.6%, it's not that potent, but I could drink a lot of them, and that would be potent.

Abbey - 2.5 mugs. It had a typical Belgian fruity nose, with some plum and banana. Even a bit of a banana aftertaste. It's at 7.0%, which is good, but I just don't fruit the beer that much.

Tripple - 3 mugs. It was fresher than the Abbey, with hints of grapes and apple in the nose and on the tongue. It had a light to medium mouthfeel, and coming in at a big 7.8%, it was certainly drinkable.

Fat Tire - 2 mugs. I know some of you swear by this stuff, but it's just not that good. Maybe, if this is all you have, it could pass for a 3 mugger, but once it's stacked against any competition, the Fat Tire goes flat. I didn't hate it as much as our last time, but there still wasn't anything good about this. It was like Bud Light Plus - I couldn't even pick out a nose or a taste on this.

I'll do better next time ;) Maybe I'll just bring my laptop with me to Deano's on Thursday since Fountain Square is now wi-fi.

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