27 January 2010

Where to Drink - Great Beer, Bars, and Brewpubs in Indianapolis (Broad Ripple)

In Part 2 of our series, "Where to Drink - Great Beer, Bars, and Brewpubs in Indianapolis" (Part 1 here), we take a look at Broad Ripple Village. In 1990, it was in this Indianapolis neighborhood that John Hill started the Indiana craft beer revolution when he opened the Broad Ripple Brewpub. Twenty years later, Broad Ripple has become one of Indiana's best craft beer destinations.

Here's where you might want to visit should you find yourself in the Village in search of a proper pint and/or growler--

Barley Island Restaurant & Brewhouse
701 Broad Ripple Ave.
(317) 257-5600

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Broad Ripple Brewpub
842 E. 65th St.
(317) ALE-BREW (253-2739)

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Brugge Brasserie
1011 E. Westfield Blvd.
(317) 255-0978

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Chumley's Beer House
838 Broad Ripple Ave.
(317) 466-1555

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Corner Wine Bar
6331 Guilford Ave.
(317) 255-5159

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Locals Only Art & Music Pub
2449 E. 56th St.
(317) 255-4013

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Northside Social
6525 N. College Ave.
(317) 253-0111

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Upland Tasting Room
4842 N. College Ave.
(317) 602-3931

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  1. Your inclusion of Locals Only prompts me to write in The Mousetrap, which is practically next door, on the corner of 56th and Keystone. I was just there last Saturday and pleasantly surprised to find a they had Upland Komodo Dragon and Bell's Christmas Ale among the handful of draft beers.

  2. Three cheers for Broad Ripple Brewpub. Our favorite Brewery.
    They have the best ales that I have had since I visited England in May. Actually some are much better than the English Ales.
    My Favorite is "Limping Mallard" and their ESB is always a good second choice! Great service, Great Ales, and much like an English in the "Snug"!