04 November 2009

Good Times at Barley Island Broad Ripple

As anyone who frequents Broad Ripple knows, Barley Island has been working on the space at the corner of College and Broad Ripple Avenue for a little while now. Last evening we got a sneak preview of the space.

For those who've visited Barley Island's original location in Noblesville, the Broad Ripple space is a much more polished BI. A deep blue room with dark wood trim and paneling, a nicely laid out and long bar, BI bottle artwork displayed on canvases on the walls, and a brick fireplace in the middle of it all immediately make this one of Broad Ripple Avenue's more dressed up locations.

The menu consists of standard but well thought out pub fare - appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, with enough vegetarian options to appease those who don't eat meat. The beer menu starts with Barley Island's regulars - Sheet Metal Blonde, Flat Top Wheat Ale, Blind Tiger Pale Ale, BarFly IPA, Dirty Helen Brown Ale, and Brass Knuckles Oatmeal Stout - but with potential for 24 total taps, you can be sure that more Indiana beer is coming.

The space will be non-smoking, and with five televisions laid out throughout the room, will make for a great place to catch a game. The bar area is nicely laid out, with a pint-holding wooden rail around the floor, perfect for those who chose to stand around and have a conversation.

We can't help but be excited by the possibilities, and what Barley Island can add to the Broad Ripple craft beer scene. "Hopefully, with Brugge and Broad Ripple Brewpub on one end, and Barley Island on this end, we can get some of the other bars on the street to put more of a focus on craft beer. Sure, a few of them have it already, but we'd really love to see more focus" said World Class Beverage's Matt Clapesattle.

We couldn't agree more - in a perfect world, Barley Island can serve as an anchor to a whole community of bars serving craft beer, with a vast array of different breweries and styles on tap. It has to start somewhere.

Barley Island Broad Ripple opens to the public at 11AM this Thursday, November 5th.


  1. It is a fantastic space and I expect will immediately become a favorite spot for discriminating drinkers in Broad Ripple. Like Brugge and Broad Ripple Brew Pub, it should also become a destination for those outside of Broad Ripple who may not already be frequenting the area.

  2. This will be a great place to frequent before shows at The Vogue. Looking forward to trying it out.

  3. looks promising, sure cant wait! I do hope they step up their food game... the condition of the kitchen, food and restrooms up in noblesville has occasionally turned me off. but i still love going and supporting them, lotsa character and pretty fine brews.

    upland-> barley island -> brugge -> brewpub anyone?

  4. I don't agree with your rankings Anon.

  5. my bad, i more meant as a series of stops along a path...

    for my taste the brewpub's beers tend to be the best of those 4

  6. I'm excited about a Barley Island closer to home and non-smoking to boot!

  7. Anyone know if kegs will be able to be filled/replaced there, or if the trek to Noblesville is still required?

  8. justin, from what i've gathered you'll still have to go up there... my understanding is that they are brewing no beer at broad ripple, just bringing it down from noblesville.

  9. Looks like this location will blow Noblesville out of the water! Can't wait to try.