19 November 2009

Scenes from a Tapping: Alcatraz Cherry Stout

Where: Alcatraz Brewing Company (Circle Centre Mall, 49 W. Maryland St. Suite 104, Indianapolis, IN)

Who: Alcatraz head brewer Omar Castrellón, and assistant brewer Skip DuVall

What: Alcatraz Cherry Stout - A milk stout aged on 250lbs of cherries

When: Tapped 11/17/09, until supplies last

Why: You'd expect anything aged on 250lbs of cherry to be overpowering, but in this case you get all the normal full and tasty flavors of a milk stout with a sweet and subtle cherry finish.

Also worth noting: Alcatraz's 1 & 3/4 Belgian has been on tap for a while and may have benefited from the age - it's makes for a sweet and smooth easy drinking pint.

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