23 November 2009

Scenes from a Coddog Release Party: HBG's Tailgate for Nothing

Where: Sun King Brewery, Downtown Indianapolis, Back Parking Lot

Who: The Hoosier Beer Geek Knight of the Beer Roundtable, along with HBG readers and friends

What: HBG's Tailgate for Nothing - an excuse to share great food and beer. Food selections included Coddog (a Sea Dog IPA breaded footlong hotdog shaped Cod portion), a collection of chilis, walking tacos, red beans and rice, vegetarian chickpea ragout, cherry koolaid pickles, chocolate chip cookies, vegetarian meatloaf, white castles, and passover brisket. Beer selections included Three Floyds Dark Lord, Russian River Pliny the Elder, an assortment of Schlafly Barleywines (06 and 08), Schlitz, Samichlaus, Rod's/Rock Bottom's Harvest Mild, Sun King Chocolate Stout, Cigar City (something), 2009 Deschutes Abyss, and a 20 year old can of Kentucky Derby Collector's Edition Little Kings.

When: This past Saturday, 11/21/09

Why: We really wanted to share rare beer with the public, and start a tradition of food and beer sharing tailgate events at breweries around the state.

Also worth noting: We hope to do this quarterly, and look forward to seeing you next time.


  1. I am happy to see the coddog on someones plate. Seemed to be a lot of talk about them. Haha. Shauna and I had a good time for the little bit we were there. Good event with good people.


  2. While you all did a great job of finishing the coddogs, you failed at emptying the firkin. At least English styles are good with low carbonation and near room temperature because I'm going to be drinking this all week.

  3. Rod -- do you have a growler fill day? I could use some mild to rinse out my glasses this week.

  4. Good times - thanks, HBGs, for setting this up. Next time you venture south to New Albanian, give me a shout.

  5. looking forward to the next one, guys.

    when did the pliny come out?!?!?! i've heard so much but never had the opportunity to try it.

    oh woe is me!