11 November 2009

LBC is better than LSD

On Saturday, November 21, from 2 pm to 5 pm, Lafayette Brewing Company will be conducting a Timothy Leary-esque experiment called the Alpha Acid Test. They have brewed a 60 IBU ale that received one hop addition at 60 minutes in the kettle. They put it into 10 kegs and firkins, leaving one beer as is and dry hopping the other nine with nine different hop varieties.

Are you tripping yet?

So you'll get the chance to explore the psychedelic differences between the hop varieties. You can enjoy this unique event, complete with a commemorative tasting glass, LBC raffles, and munchies, for the low, low price of $20.

Need a miracle? Or two?

You don't need to stand outside a parking lot trying to trade a grilled cheese for a ticket. We want to hook you up! It's time for a giveaway!

We have two tickets to LBC's Alpha Acid Test. Like most of our previous giveaways, we will randomly select a commenter to this post. All you need to do by noon on Monday, November 16th is leave your first name and last initial and answer this question:

If you were to live in one Indiana city or neighborhood, based solely on proximity to breweries, craft beer bars, and/or beer stores, what city or neighborhood would that be?

Again, you need to comment by 12pm EST, Monday, November 16th. We will announce the winner shortly after and will make arrangements to get the tickets to you.

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  1. It's hard to pass up wanting to be near good beer bars like Shallos on the South side or the Beer Sellar up north. Both are lively and love to show off extensive beer lists, both tap and bottle.

    And there was a time when, despite there being only two breweries in Kokomo I would have chosen to be near the Brass Monkey.

    However, I know it may seem cliche, but it is impossible to not want to live in Broad Ripple right now: Brugge and Broad Ripple Brewpub were good enough to warrant attention, but now with Barley Island on the corner of College serving their beers and others and with Upland and Sun King a brisk bicycle ride down the road....yeah, it has to be Broad Ripple.

    --Jim P.

  2. I would have to live downtown near Mass Ave. So many good bars there. Sun King is close. Broadripple is not far either.


  3. I would choose the obvious Broad Ripple. I could spend a lot of money there on good food and good local beer.

    -- MarkG

  4. While Broad Ripple would be awesome, I'm gonna go with Munster for Three Floyds! It's also not far from Crown Brewing, Shoreline, Backroad, the new Brickworks Brew Co. in Hobart and the soon to open Figure Eight in Valpo...

  5. I would live in the First Class Tickets house in Broad Ripple. It happens to be close enough to almost touch with outstretched arms the fabulous, legendary, illustrious, much-revered award-winning Brugge Brasserie, featuring the artistry of the one and only Ted Miller.*

    Inside that brasserie are lovingly made and delicious Belgians, including one of the best sours in the country, GABF bronze medal winning Bad Kitty. Go upstairs and pick up a delicious bottle of BFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien. What other bar has a bottle of that sitting around? And of course, it's just a couple blocks north to the longtime standby, the Broad Ripple Brewpub, with their excellent beers; a block west to Barley Island's new digs; and a street crossing plus a few doors away from the Wellington, with two pint nights and always some good selections. South to 49th and College for the new Upland tasting room seems like a relative road trip, that's how densely and conveniently located the good beers are in this neighborhood. Added bonus - from the First Class Tickets house I'm never late to work.

    My second choice would be New Albany. Of course there is New Albanian, and their Bank Street Brewhouse has frites with dipping sauces to remind me of the comforts of home base (aka Brugge). There's Keg Liquors with their great selection (found a neat little gem in the Great Crescent Coconut Porter in growlers there, among lots of Southern Tier, Jolly Pumpkin, and lots more), and Rich O's Publick House nearby. And of course being so close to Louisville, you've got the BBC in close proximity, and then many adventures to look forward to exploring for more good spots. Joy is stumbling upon a great beer list, or dusty old bottles of something wonderful and long sold out, when you least expect it!

    *The level of hyperbole here, while certainly warranted, might have ulterior motivations - see comments section of post below, “Medal Winners.”

  6. I would go with Ripple also. You've got Brugge, Barley Island, BR Brewpub, and Chumley's within walking distance. Not to mention Upland at 49th, Kahn's at 54th, and Crown Liquors nearby.

    On a side note, what the hell were you thinking LBC? Did you realize there is an IU/PU football game at 3:30?

  7. Football Schmotball, I hear TFN is on the 21st as well.

    Beer trumps everything.

  8. B-town.

    College Boobies and Beer!

  9. I hate football, give the tickets to me! *ducks and hides*

  10. Please send me and my tickets to New Albany. For a long time, I would've said Bripple, but I that's changed recently. I have developed quite an affinity to Rich O's and am experiencing the beer drinker's equivilent of puppy love with the New Albanian Brewing Company.

    Kyle K.

  11. you know, downtown indy is as good as it gets i think. close to broad ripple and mass ave, not too far from bloomington, halfway between munster and louisville (or at least somewhere in between). but really, give me a big plumbed shed with a concrete floor with a drain and i'll make my own beer and be just about as happy as i could be.

  12. Martin S.

    Lockerbie Square. Sun King, MacNivens and Bripple a short drive/bike ride away, w/o the crime and frattitude of living there.

    Big ups to Indy for stepping up it's craft beer community.