07 January 2010

The Hoosier Beer Geek 2009 End of Year Readers Survey: RESULTS! (Part 2)

This is part two (of three) of our year-end survey results. To see the first part, click here.

5. Which of the following Indiana sister-state breweries is producing your favorite lineup of beer?

As we noted in the first round of results, our readers tend to be pretty consistent in their voting habits. This year's favorite sister-state brewery was Michigan's Bell's Brewing Company, who lead with nearly half (46.28%) of the vote. Coming in second was Michigan's Founders Brewing Company, with 30.58% of the vote. In third place was Michigan's Jolly Pumpkin, with 7.44% of the vote. Jolly Pumpkin was a new entry to our top three.

Last year's standings - Bell's (39.2%), Founders (33.0%), Goose Island (7.2%)

6. What was your favorite craft beer event of 2009?

This was a new question this year, and (perhaps) there was a surprise in the mix. In first place was the Brewers of Indiana Guild Microbrewers Festival (Summer), taking 33.64% of the vote (no surprise there). In second place was Dark Lord Day 2009 (18.69%) - probably meaning that quite a few of our readers attended Dark Lord Day. (I found that interesting, anyway - look for us there this year!). Coming in third was the new Brewers of Indiana Guild Winterfest, which gathered 9.35% of the vote.

As an honorable mention - and I want to make sure that those of you who didn't attend realize that you shouldn't miss it this year - HBG3 - The Hoosier Beer Geek Third Anniversary Roundtable at Sun King came in at fourth place with 8.41% of the vote. Considering the percentage of votes versus the number of people that attended our party, we'll consider that a compliment.

7. Which craft beer event are you most looking forward to in 2010?

The top three in this category are the same as those in the previous one - the Brewers of Indiana Guild Microbrewers Festival (Summer) (26.32%), Dark Lord Day 2010 (24.56%), and the Brewers of Indiana Guild Winterfest 2010 (18.42%).

I think it's worth noting though - coming in just behind our top three were the Hoosier Beer Geek's Second Annual Craft Beer Breakfast at Brugge Brasserie (we're shooting for late March) (7.02%), HBG4 - The Hoosier Beer Geek Fourth Anniversary (5.26%), and Hoosier Beer Geek's KOTBR 100 Bus Trip to New Albany (we're shooting for March 6th for this one) (5.26%), Hoosier Beer Geek's Second Annual Indiana Food and Craft Beer Symposium (4.39%) (no idea on a date yet), and Hoosier Beer Geek's Tailgate for Nothing 2 - The Revenge (3.51%) (no date yet). We're glad to see the support, as we're really trying to get a series of quality events put together.

We had a request for the full list of your votes for favorite Indiana beer bar, and here they are:

MacNiven's Restaurant and Bar - Indianapolis
BW3's Downtown - Indianapolis
Shallos Restaurant and Brewhouse - Indianapolis
Heorot - Muncie
Scotty's Brewhouse - Various locations
Rathskeller - Indianapolis
Chatham Tap - Indianapolis
Beer Sellar - Indianapolis
Deano's Vino - Indianapolis
Old Town Ale House - Fishers
Yogi's Bar and Grill - Bloomington
Black Sparrow - Lafayette
Chumley's Beer House - Various Locations
Fickle Peach - Muncie
Union Jack Pub - Indianapolis
Barley Island (guest taps)
Bone Dry Bar & Grill - Highland
Chubby Trout - Elkhart
Fox & Hound Pub - Indianapolis
Gerst Bavarian Haus - Evansville
Rich O's/NABC Public House - New Albany
Pass Times - Valparaiso
Sonka Irish Pub - Terre Haute
Spencer's Stadium Tavern - Indianapolis
The Wellington - Indianapolis
Trion Tavern - New Haven

And the sad and/or misguided write-ins

I don't go to bars.
None (not been to them yet...).
They all suck balls

Look for the final section of results soon.

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