04 January 2010

The Hoosier Beer Geek 2009 End of Year Readers Survey: RESULTS!

For part one the 2009 year end readers survey results, I thought it might interesting to compare this year to last year. As an additional improvement, we've got a collection of graphs to make things a little more clear.


This year's average reader age was 34.3, and 12.5% of you are women. 1.67% of you are other. 91.8% of our readers are Indiana residents, with Illinois (2.46%) and Missouri (1.64%) coming in second and third. In any case, we're glad to have you.

Last year's average age was 33.29 - which basically means that in the year that's passed, you've gotten a year older. As have we. Glad to see you're still along for the ride. Unfortunately the percentage of female readership has decreased from 19% to 12.5% - an issue we hope to address with some women-specific events in the coming year.

1. Which Indiana brewery is producing your favorite lineup of Indiana beers?

When it comes to your favorite Indiana brewery, it's no surprise that Three Floyds is running the show (51.67% of the vote). Perhaps a little more surprising is the instant success of Sun King Brewing Company, who came in second in our survey with 14.17% of the vote. Filling out the podium was Brugge Beer and Brasserie, who earned 8.33% percent of your votes.

Last year's results had Three Floyds in first with 59.8% of the vote, Brugge in second with 12.4% of the vote, and Upland in third with 8.2% of the vote.

2. Which of the following is your favorite Indiana craft beer retailer?

The HBG readers have again voted Kahn's Fine Wine and Spirits (27.73% of the vote) as their favorite Indiana craft beer retailer. Crown Liquors has again come in second, with 19.33% of the vote, and Parti-Pak Liquors comes in third with 12.61% of the vote. Our congrats also go out to Sahara Mart and Keg Liquors for coming in 4th and 5th in our survey despite having zero Indianapolis area locations. Both of those stores are doing fantastic work - we know from experience.

Last year's results - Kahn's Fine Wine and Spirits (18.7%), Crown Liquors (14.3%), The Hop Shop (14.3%). We were sorry to see The Hop Shop go in 2009.

3. Which of the following is your favorite Indiana beer bar?

It's a repeat victory for MacNiven's Restaurant and Bar as your favorite Indiana beer bar. This year they took 11.86% of the votes, narrowly beating Indy's Downtown Buffalo Wild Wings (10.17%). Shallos Restaurant and Brewhouse took third place with 9.32% of the vote.

It's also worth noting that there were quite a few write-in votes for Rich O's/The New Albany Public House, but we excluded them from this category since they're in the next one. We'll be visiting New Albany for the whole experience, and we hope to bring a group along - tickets for the KOTBR 100 bus trip to New Albany will be on sale in late January/Early February.

Last year's results - MacNiven's Restaurant and Bar (15.0%), Rathskeller (13.8%), Heorot, Muncie (12.5%)

4. Which of the following is your favorite Indiana Brewpub? (Not the same as Brewery - in this case you are rating the total Brewpub experience.)

The number of repeat winners would surely seem to indicate that we had the exact same readers voting this year as last year. You shouldn't be surprised to learn that Brugge Brasserie (29.41%) has taken the award as your favorite Indiana brewpub for the second year in a row. Coming in second was the Broad Ripple Brewpub (14.29%), followed by Three Floyds Brewpub in Munster (11.76%). Same as it ever was..

Last year's winners: Brugge Brasserie (32.0%), Broad Ripple Brewpub (13.4%), Three Floyds, Munster (9.3%)

More results soon.


  1. Very cool to see this. Awesome job Mike.

  2. Things don't look to have changed much except Sun King's entry in the market at #2. Look what a big variety of good beer backed by good marketing, including online presence.

    We'd all like to see the complete list of Beer Bars that got even 1 vote.

  3. I'll see if I can make that happen in part 2, Bob.

  4. Interesting info. In the future, I would be interested to see a pie chart that shows the distribution of respondents within Indiana; possibly by zones. Good stuff, none-the-less.

    Keep up the great work of promoting craft brewed beer in Indiana.

    Jim Herter
    Indiana Reporter
    Great Lake Brewing News

  5. Hey, Buffalo Wild Wings made the list. Pretty sweet to see that on here. Thanks to those who voted and to HBG for putting it together.


  6. Well a salute to you, Sam, for keeping the BW3's beer list interesting and worth coming back for.