07 January 2010

Winterfest 2010 Update #5 and Ticket Giveaway

The Brewers of Indiana Guild's Winterfest 2010 tickets are on sale now online. Ticket sales will also begin at breweries soon (hopefully...printer issues). We will inform you as soon as that is available. Winterfest will be held in the Ag/Hort building of the Indiana State Fairgrounds on Saturday, January 30th, 2010 from 3pm to 7pm. Tickets are $30.

As we receive information from the breweries as to what they are bringing, we will let you know. Our first Winterfest update provided the beer lists for Upland, Great Crescent, Mad Anthony, and Brugge. Our second Winterfest update included Bee Creek Brewery, Lafayette Brewing Company, Two Brothers, Rust Belt, Bell's Brewing Co., and Atwater Block. Our third Winterfest update included Crown Brewing, Big Woods Brewing, Power House Brewing, and Rock Bottom Brewery North. Our fourth Winterfest update included Back Road Brewery, Mishawaka Brewing, Broad Ripple Brewpub, Sun King Brewing, Schlafly Beer, Goose Island Brewing Co., North Coast Brewing Co., Left Hand Brewing Co. This is our fifth update to the beer list...

Oaken Barrel
Greenwood, IN
On draft at their booth:
Indiana Amber
Superfly IPA
Snake Pit Porter

Rock Bottom Downtown
Indianapolis, IN
On draft at their booth:
The Hammer Baltic Porter
Hop Bomb IPA
Naughty Scot Wee Heavy

In the outdoor beer garden:
The Hammer Baltic Porter (firkin)

Turoni’s Main Street Brewery
Evansville, IN
On draft at their booth:
Rudolph’s Revenge Strong Dark
Pumpkin Ale
Vinny’s Lager

In the outdoor beer garden:
Barrel Aged Rudolph’s Revenge (firkin)

New Albanian Brewing Co.
New Albany, IN
On draft at their booth:
Elsa Von Horizon Imperial Pils
Solidarity Baltic Porter
WinterFest 2010 Replicale

Three Floyds Brewing Co.
Munster, IN
On draft at their booth:
Ham on Rye
Robert the Bruce
Admiral Lord Nelson

In the outdoor beer garden:
Behemoth Barleywine (pin)

Ram Restaurant and Brewery
Indianapolis, IN
On draft at their booth:
Buttface Amber Ale
Big Red IPA
Indy Blonde Ale
Winterfest Replicale

Barley Island Brewing Co.
Noblesville, IN
On draft at their booth:
Sheet Metal Blonde
Dirty Helen Brown
BarFly IPA
Brass Knuckles Oatmeal Stout
Java Stout
Dirty "Old" Helen Flanders Brown
Barrel Aged BarFly IPA
Beastie Barrel Stout

In the outdoor beer garden:
Belgian-style Black IPA (pin)

Tyranena Brewing Co.
Lake Mills, Wisconsin
On draft at their booth:
Bitter Woman IPA
Rocky's Revenge American Brown Ale (barrel-aged)
Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter aged in Rye Barrels

Schmaltz Brewing Co.
Brooklyn, NY
In bottles at their booth:
Coney Island Human Blockhead
Coney Island Lager
He’brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA
He’brew Origin
He’brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah 13th Anniversary
He’brew Rejewvenator

Bluegrass Brewing Company - Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY
On draft at their booth:
4 drafts TBA

In the outdoor beer garden:
ESB (firkin)
Bearded Pats Barley Wine (pin)

New Belgium Brewing Co.
Fort Collins, CO
On draft at their booth:
Fat Tire
Might Arrow Pale Ale
Ranger IPA

Here it is, the ticket giveaway...
We have two tickets to give away. How do you get in on the fun? It is this simple. Leave a comment on this post that includes your name, either an email address or your twitter ID so that we can reach you if you win, and just for fun, what beer listed over the past five weeks you are most looking forward to trying at Winterfest. You must post a comment by Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. We will draw a name and announce the winner in the Winterfest 2010 Update #6. Thanks for playing.


  1. What a great line-up of great brew. That is going to be an awesome event!

  2. Hopefully I will be able to go to Winterfest. I can't wait to try some Hopslam this year. I'm on twitter @darrenmanning.

  3. Anything by 3Floyds is great!

    Hope you pick me for the free tickets!



  4. @kmwinter says he wants to try New Albianian Hoptimus

  5. Love all these beers...played Cups/Beer Pong NYE with 3 Floyds...good time.


  6. I'm looking forward beer. I think Ill try to concentrate on some of the brewers I've either never been to or don't remember from other events (if I went to them late in the day there's a very good chance I forgot all about them :)

  7. Mike Petry

    I would ordinarily say 3 floyds but I'm interested in the Crown Brewing selections.

  8. the new albanian baltic porter sounds very interesting, that's one I need to try for sure.

    958denny (at) gmail.com

  9. Really looking forward to the FFF's Lord Admiral Nelson. Email address is : sctwynne@aol.com

  10. Hard to pick on specific beer I'd like to try, but the Schlafly Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout definitely has my interest picqued. I'm following on twitter @mistersteak.

  11. I would love to try the Bitter Woman IPA. @Duster72

  12. I'm looking forward to trying anything by Sun King, as I have yet to try theirs. Becky (@BeckyAPR)

  13. Looking forward to LBC's Big Boris Barleywine (1998). Had some at summerfest and it was amazing. David (dpasotti@gmail.com)

  14. I am looking forward to the firkins and pins...if I had to pick one, it would be FFF Behemoth. Also looking forward to trying beer from some of the smaller brewers that I have not had before.


  15. Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter aged in Rye Barrels



  16. Looking forward to this event. I think I would say I am most interested in trying the Dirty "Old" Helen Flander Brown. Tried to get into BI a month or so ago when they were putting this on and it was too crowded that night.. oh well.


  17. Schlafly's smoked porter - one of my favorite styles to drink outside on a cold day


  18. Looking forward to trying the Coffee Oatmeal Stout w/ coffee from B•Java from Sun King. cheers!


  19. @nickkline would LOVE to go to this for free! Since I'll be going anyway...

  20. Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter aged in Rye Barrels. @deyholla

  21. This member of the Hoosier Diaspora can't wait to get back home for this one! I'm looking forward to Hoptimus and/or Ham on Rye.


  22. Would love to go for free.

    I love Tyranena, so I'm looking forward to a Dirty Old Man.


  23. I am really looking forward to the Hopslam at this event
    Bret Updegraff @BretUpdegraff

  24. @corvusconcepts Solidarity Baltic Porter is on the top of my tasting list

  25. Tyranena Brewing Co.
    Bitter Woman IPA

    I like my beer like my women: bitter


  26. I can't wait to try the FFF Ham on Rye!

    Mike Beer

  27. Ham on Rye!


  28. I'm interested in the Sun King
    Amarillo the Princess Warrior Imperial IPA.


  29. Obviously, I'm looking forward to trying Sun King's Oatmeal Stout infused with coffee from B•Java.


  30. Looking forward to the Admiral Lord Nelson and the Hopslam.


  31. I am interested in the Tyranena offerings.


  32. I can't wait to drink some beers at this event.


  33. Jonathan McGuire
    3 Floyds Ham on Rye

  34. Uh yeah, I'd like to go. Can I get free tickets if I ride my bike, Mike?


    Not sure I have a particular beer. All of them?

  35. i'm looking forward to trying brugge's triple. i've heard so much about it, but i'm fairly certain that sample size will be all i can handle (@shakewell)

  36. crazybrody@gmail.com

  37. Winner winner chicken dinner!

    @megsaurus on twitter

    Looking forward to trying them ALL (and don't think I won't)

  38. I am looking forward to Schlafly Bourbon Stout or Sun King Amarillo Princess IPA as well as the whole day.


  39. Wow this looks great. I suppose I'll have to make penance for living in Evansville and never even hearing of Turoni's and try their Rudolph's Revenge. I'm at aandlandz@gmail.com.

  40. Tina Pendleton
    I am so excited for the Fest this year. Looking forward to trying out the 400# Monkey English IPA sounds yummy!

  41. This would be a fantastic way to wind down after a mandatory Saturday doing Physical Inventory. tjsmash@ffni.com

  42. Looking forward to tasting this year's Hopslam.