10 August 2008

KOTBR #52 - What we learned at the Second Anniversary Roundtable

In a sort of reprise of last year's recap of our one-year anniversary party, here's what we learned at Thursday evening's proceedings at Brugge, commemorating our two years of beer blogging:

- Actually, I'll start with that something we already knew--Ted Miller and Charlie Midgley are consummate gentlemen and true assets to the Indiana brewing and beer-consuming community. We couldn't have asked for better hosts than Ted, Charlie, and the Brugge staff, who kept our glasses full all night. Thank you a million times over!
- Once again, beer and tomato juice make a . . . well, a weird, exotic combination. But the party wouldn't have been the same had we not started the night with Chelada de Brugge.
- Chris of the Indianapolis Beer Meetup Group and the few Meetup Group folks I was able to chat with definitely share, and perhaps even surpass, our love for craft beer. If you like to drink high quality stuff with people possessing keen beer instincts, then the Meetup Group seems like the great group to be with. Sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you guys and gals. That will have to change the next time we get together to throw down some pints.
- When Charlie says he wants to pour you a half-glass, he always means a full glass.
- Diamond Kings of Heaven '08 was indeed heavenly. Ted, Charlie said you think this is one of your best efforts. I'd have to agree (and I think a few of my fellow Knights would agree).
- I still am not sold on bacon beer. My apologies to the Smoke Beer Riff-Raff.
- According to my taste buds, Schlafly's Grand Cru is perhaps the best beer they've ever produced. Thanks to our friends at the St. Louis's top brewery for providing us with a several growlers fresh from their tap room.
- Craft beer appreciation is no longer largely the province of dudes. Every time we meet new good beer freaks, we see more and more ladies. I, for one, am thankful for that.
- Gina made a great choice in not eating that post-party La Bamba burrito, right Gina?

Thanks once again to everyone who came out to celebrate two years of going crazy for beer with us. We enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones. And if you couldn't come this time, well, there's always next year. Or better yet, there's always the next public roundtable or BART tasting. Stay tuned to Hoosier Beer Geek for more details.


  1. That burrito was delicious, but it sure was filling.

  2. You've just destroyed the only thing I've ever loved. All right, there it is. What do *you* love?

  3. sounds like you are in love with the Brugge.

  4. It's very, very easy to be in love with Brugge.

  5. AND... i just now got Gina's comment, thanks to Bob's comment.

  6. That's right...times are changing. Ladies can do stuff now. And you're going to have to learn how to deal with that.

  7. I can keep up with Eddie Izzard shtick, but when you start quoting Anchorman--well, then you've lost me. I guess I need to see it again.