08 August 2008

Legalize it

It's that time of year again. The political ads come out and we hear every candidate blow every possible piece of news out of proportion for their own gains. It's a wonderful time of year when all of the hot issues come out in full force and you're sure to know where all of your coworkers stand. Indiana liquor laws are no exception!

There's a petition up to relax our alcohol related blue laws. If you're not familiar with what a blue law is, it's a law created to help impose a moral standard. There are a number of these in Indiana but one in particular applies to alcohol; Sunday alcohol sales. This petition is to legalize the sale of carry-out alcohol on Sundays and allow grocery, drug and convenience stores to sell cold alcohol.

Check it out.


  1. Is there a place to see Indiana's law? I am curious about why Indiana doesn't have an ABV cap? (I am good with that) but Ohio has one 12%, but Ohio distribution is far superior to Indiana distribution. Is that more of an effect of distribution companies or do blue laws have any bearing on what beer comes into the state?

    At least we are not Alabama or Mississippi.

  2. there's a pretty comprehensive list here.

  3. Ohio has almost three times to population of Indiana and several large cities. As such, it is a much more desirable market for brewers. I don't think the abv cap at 12% really affects too many brewers.

    But is Ohio distribution really "far superior"?

    Also, not too many states have abv caps these days.

  4. Ohio may not be far superior, but the drive-through liquor stores sure do make it interesting!

    Actually I believe the alcohol taxes are worse there than they are here, but I don't have any numbers to back that up. Just word of mouth.