06 August 2008

Couple of quickies about the Anniversary Party

If you are coming to Brugge to hang with us on Thursday, a couple of things to note...

7 ounce specials: There are a bunch of microbrewers' festival glasses left, so Brugge is going to do reduced price 7 oz. pours so that everybody can get some of everything and not end up like Maples at the end of the night. Plus you get to keep the glass, so you can have your own mini-beer festival at home. You can still get the regular sized beers at regular price as well.

Food: if you want food (outside of the L'Enorme frites...good for sharing!) while hanging with us, we are suggesting that you either arrive early, call ahead, or put yourself on the list for a table in the dining room. We've got eight beers or more that the wait staff will have to carry around, serve, and track on tabs. It will make things easier on them, which makes the folks at Brugge happy, and we like to keep them happy. Because they keep us happy.

History in the making: we've got stuff to give away, including something that will be history making...

What is it? You'll have to come to Brugge at 8pm on Thursday to find out!


  1. Jeez, can we hurry up and get this thing over with, so I don't have to read another 378 posts about it? :))

    History making giveaways?

    I might have to show up just for that!

    See you guys tomorrow.

    One last thing. Since upstairs isn't officially open yet, we're going to let Maples park up there!

  2. Do you have a parking ramp? Or do we have to get his car going 90 mph down Westfield?

  3. No, it'll be like Back to the Future, he only has to be going 88 when lightning hits the shaved ice stand across the street.