25 August 2008

Brugge Beer in bottles

In case you hadn't noticed by our previous post, it's official. World Class Beverage's Beer Search indicates that you can pick it up at the following stores around Indy:
Goose the Market
Alabama Liquor
John's Spirits
Kahn's Fine Wines
Stony's Still Liquor
Parti Pak
United Package Liquors (86th St.)
Whole Foods
Elite Beverages
Payless Liquor (Carmel)
Toddy II (Brownsburg)
Superior Discount Beverage (Greenwood)
Crown Liquor (Fishers)
In addition you can find bottles of Brugge Black and White at St. Elmo's Steakhouse!


  1. As usual, Alabama Liquor has the best beer prices in town. Their pricing for Brugge beers:

    $8.04 for Tripel de Ripple
    $6.35 for Black and White

  2. The Hop Shop on 96th also received bottles of Brugge. But After I left on Saturday with my haul they had only one bottle of Tripple left and were out of Black before I got there (doh!).

    They expected to get another shipment sometime this week, but I didn't catch which day.

  3. Crown Liquors just north of Greenwood on 31 now has Brugge.

  4. As of today (8/27/08)? They didn't last night. Although they did have three bottles of Rodenbach Grand Cru.