05 August 2008

Chris' Five Ws (and One H)

Some of you may recognize this recurring feature from my old blog, DIG-B. Expect to see these pop up from time to time when I've got an overload of random thoughts that don't require individual posts.

Who walked or biked to work in the driving rain this morning? I've been trying to walk more but this morning was too much for me; I drove.

What do you like to drink before or at concerts? For pre-Radiohead drinking on Sunday I packed my usual, an assortment of IPAs: Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA, Bell's Two Hearted, Mad Anthony IPA and Southern Tier IPA. I think the hoppy-beers-at-concerts connection goes back to my younger days, when Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was my concert beer of choice. Too bad you can't even get that inside Verizon Wireless Music Center.

When will Hot Shotz reopen? Or will they reopen? Fingers crossed.

Where will you be Thursday night? (Jedi hand wave) You'll be drinking at Brugge....

Why do I feel like I'm the only one not enamored with Creation Cafe at Buggs Temple? My wife and I have had some absolutely wonderful food there (PATTY MELT) but after half-a-dozen tries we have yet to receive what we'd even consider decent service. It's always something, usually an abnormally long wait to be seated or to get "first contact" after being seated -- even when they're not that full -- on down to simple necessities like napkins and silverware. We chalked it up to growing pains at first and kept going back hoping for something better. One of these days, though, we won't, good food or not.

How long until I brew my next homebrew batch? We forgot about the last bottles of our IPA until recently and they're getting a mite "musty" at this point. Maybe tomorrow? Special dinner plans. Thursday? HBG party. Friday? Perhaps, but there's the fall-out from the HBG party that might affect motivation. Looks like this weekend at the earliest.


  1. Wondering about Hot Shots reopening myself. Has anything happened since the fire?

  2. You brew inside don't you Chris? I am brewing on Sunday if you brew outdoor and want to come by and brew.

  3. our pre-radiohead beer: nothing.

    despite having vip parking (whatever that's good for) and arriving and hour and a half before doors opened, we were dumb enough to bring absolutely nothing to drink.

    luckily we found some shade to sit in.

    looks like we should have found you instead.

  4. merle -- they've run a couple of fundraiser bbq events since the fire and of course there's the double your money online donation page. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

    matt -- yeah, I brew inside. Thanks for the outdoor offer, but I'm not even sure whether we can brew this weekend at all right now!

    mike -- I hate Verizon Wireless. It's such a hassle and it absolutely blows for beer. We always bring something to enjoy before go in. We went to see Umphrey's McGee open for Dave Matthews -- yes, Dave Matthews was the afterthought -- last year and I actually searched around for any kind of special offering. Nil. Not a Bass, Newcastle or Sierra Nevada to be found, and those are usually pretty common concert beers. Even The Lawn has a couple decent things.

    I didn't even try to look around V.Wireless this year. They charge such an outrageous premium for Coors Light ($7.50 for a tall boy) that they must make an equally outrageous profit and don't care about anything else.

    Sorry we didn't meet up! We definitely had a couple extra Two Hearted's.

  5. Yeah, Deer Creek's (sorry, it's still weird to call it the "Verizon Wireless Music Center") beer selection is pretty bad. At least the Murat Centre has Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.