13 August 2008

Because the beer never stops flowing at Hoosier Beer Geek

Our next B+ART at BIG CAR Gallery is coming up this Friday, August 15th at 8pm. An international selection of brews will be offered for sampling in honor of the ongoing 29th modern Olympics. You will see beers representing the nations of Canada, England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Greece, and India.

We will discuss the beers and their countries of origin. It will be followed by a viewing of John Cage's film "Variations VII". And as if that weren't enough, Judith G. Levy's art show "How We Remember: Images Found and Made" will be all around the gallery. And it's all free!

"B+ART" is short for Beer and Art, and is an event meant to highlight creative crafts and bring together art people (to introduce them to craft beer) and beer people (to introduce them to art). It is surprising the number of parallels that there are between the audiences. B+ART is presented by Hoosier Beer Geek, World Class Beverages, and BIG CAR artists collaborative.

The BIG CAR Gallery is located in the Indianapolis neighborhood of Fountain Square at the Murphy Art Center, 1043 Virginia Avenue, Suite 215.

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