29 August 2008

Random Beer Roundup - Beer in Indianapolis and Elsewhere Edition

When I google the words "Indianapolis" and "Beer" this site comes in 20th, right after "Jessica Simpson's New Gig: Selling Beer - Entertainment News Story ..."

I'd like to resolve that so look forward to the continued use of the words Indianapolis and Beer in these posts.

From Kirk at Mr. G's Liquors, Noblesville (Noblesville is not Indianapolis, but it does have beer):

New to our shelves:
  • Froach Heather Ale
  • Brugge Black
  • Brugge Triple de Ripple
  • Samuel Smith Organic Cider
  • Lakefront New Grist Gluten free

  • Seasonals:
  • Becks Oktoberfest
  • Spaten Oktoberfest

  • From John at Big Red Liquors (no Indianapolis locations, but a fine beer selection):

    Note: Big Red Beerfest is Thursday and Friday October 16th and 17th 6-9pm at the Bloomington Convention Center.

    New Next week:
  • Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere fresh hop
  • Samuel Smith organic Cider
  • Three Floyds Gorch Fock Helles

  • Returning Seasonals:
  • Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale
  • Ayinger Oktoberfest

  • Coming very soon (These items are being added to our system in the next week or so):
  • Mikkeller All Others Pale
  • Mikkeller Big Worse Barly Wine
  • Mikkeller Black Stout
  • Mikkeller Draft Beer
  • Mikkeller Jackie Brown
  • Mikkeller Stateside IPA
  • Rogue Chipotle
  • Brooklyner Schneider Hopfen Weisse 2008
  • Brugge Black
  • Brugge White
  • Brugge Tripel de Ripple
  • Hebrew Coney Albino Python
  • Hebrew Coney Sword Swallower
  • Left Hand Rye Bock
  • Czech Rebel
  • Sea Dog Motley Crew Sampler
  • Budweiser American Ale
  • Michelob Dunkel Weiss
  • Michelob Pale Ale
  • Brooklyn Oktoberfest
  • Atwater Vanilla Java Porter
  • Rogue Double dead guy

  • From Mike at Crown Liquors comes the following info (See their amazing beer selection! In Indianapolis!):

    Hi Michael, Got a few things "new this month at Crown". Also, I am the local host for Ratebeers monthly tasting. Our next one will be Aug 30th at J. Gumbo's downtown and there will be some VERY special beers at this tasting, most you will not find anywhere in the states. To name a few Alesmith Barrel-Aged Speedway Stout, Black Albert and Cuvee De Castleton, lots more will be showing up because everyone brings a beer or two. It starts at 6:30.

    New at Crown:
  • Mikkeller Its Alive
  • Mikkeller Monk's Brew
  • 't Hofbrouwerkjke Bosprotter
  • 't Hofbrouwerkjke Hofblues
  • HaandBryggeriet Dark Force
  • HaandBryggeriet Norwegian Wood
  • HaandBryggeriet Norse Porter
  • Norrebro Bryghus Skargaards Porter
  • Norrebro Odense Ale
  • Nogne O Imp. Stout
  • Nogne Saison
  • Stone Vertical Epic 080808
  • De Molen Rasputin (524 bottles made in the world, I got all 36 that came into the state)
  • Rogue Dbl. Dead Guy

  • If you're in the Kokomo area or thinking of taking a trip (the beer - although not brewed in Indianapolis - is well worth the visit) have a few things to look forward to from Half Moon Brewery. According to head brewer John Templet:

    Here are the beers I have on tap always:

  • Pre-Prohibition Pilsner – A light golden lager made with the finest pilsen
    malt. This American Style Pilsner is crisp, clean and refreshing. This
    is a great introduction to hand crafted beer. ABV=4.1% O.G.=1036 IBU=13
  • Wildcat Wheat – An unfiltered Light American Wheat beer. It has a light,
    sweet taste with a hint of fruitiness. Another good intro beer! ABV=4.5%
    O.G.=1040 IBU=13
  • Stoplight City Red – An Irish-Style Red Ale with a medium body and a dry
    finish. This beer is reddish in color and has a candy-like caramel
    sweetness. A deliciously easy beer to drink! ABV=5.7% O.G.=1054
  • Old Ben Brown – This American-Style Brown Ale has a deep reddish-brown
    color and roasted malt and caramel-like flavors with a well balanced hop
    finish. Another easy beer to drink that’s a little bit more bold.
    ABV=6.3% O.G.=1060 IBU=30
  • Elwood’s IPA – For the hopheads! This is an amber colored India Pale Ale.
    It starts with a citrus-like aroma from generous helpings of fresh hops.
    A very dry but fruity and flavorful beer that will leave you wanting
    another! ABV=6.7% O.G.=1062 IBU=60
  • Cole Porter – A pleasantly roasty and smooth beer that is black in color.
    If you’re into bold flavors, you’ll love it’s velvety goodness! A secret
    ingredient gives this beer it’s special edge. ABV=7.0% O.G.=1066

  • These are my seasonals right now:
  • Cannon Shot Cream Ale- This all malt Cream Ale with low hop levels is the
    perfect golden beer. It has an incredibly smooth and creamy mouth feel
    that finishes crisp, clean and refreshing. For all of you "regular beer
    flavor" fans, this is the ultimate brew! ABV=5.4% O.G.=1048 IBU=16
  • Thursday, Aug. 28th Realease Date: Hazelnut Brown Ale- Sure to be your new favorite, this brown ale has a distinct, luscious hazelnut flavor that you will definitely want to savor. Think of it as a hug in a mug. ABV = 5.7% OG = 1056 IBU = 25

  • Other Brews in the works:
  • Scottish Ale - Mid to early Sept. release
  • Octoberfest - Late Sept. release

  • Other Stuff:

    Our own Matt R asks "When is Founder's Breakfast Stout (which is a beer) coming to Indianapolis?"

    The answer, from Cavalier Distributing's Mat Gerdenich: "The oficial release is Sept 1. we should have ours later this week and start moving it next week. We are getting 140 cases to start with. More cases and kegs to follow."

    Hopefully one of those kegs will magically appear in my garage.

    Because I know all of Indianapolis (and elsewhere) is dying to know about Budweiser's new beer - Here's a link to a YouTube video highlighting the differences in Budweiser Lager and Budweiser American Ale. I'm sure we'll be weighing in shortly.

    Beer for kids? FINALLY!1 Can we get that in Indianapolis? - "..in April he introduced a brew from another Belgian tradition: bières de table.

    'When I lived there in the late ’70s and early ’80s,' he said of his time in Belgium, 'everybody drank it for lunch, from grandmothers to kids.'"

    That from The New York Times and a nice article about session beers - craft beer on the lighter side of the alcohol scale.

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    1. That youtube video about American Ale makes me really want to try it. I imagine it'll probably be disappointing, but if they made something even remotely passable, I think it could really help the craft beer industry.

      If you poke your average Bud drinker toward an ale with more flavor by using the Bud name and even a small percentage takes another step toward other things, that could be big money for the smaller guys.

    2. I am kind of surprised to see the Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest ale being listed as new at Big Red as it was released in May. I am guessing that is supposed to be the standard Harvest Ale which I believe just came out. I was drinking it on tap in Chitown last weekend.

      I definitely agree that the Bud Ale video has interested me enough to try and find a bottle to try. But I actually worry that this will negatively impact the craft industry. I usually stroll down the beer aisle everytime I go to Marsh to get groceries. This store has all the standard macro beers on one side and craft and import on the opposite side of the aisle. Of course things like Michelob and Leinie's get pushed onto the craft side, which means there is a really small selection of true craft beers. Here's the problem, we all know the A-B distributor isn't going to pull and shelf space away from Bud and Bud light, so he is going to push the store for more room for the ale. That room could easily come at the expense of a true craft beer as I assume Bud will want to position their product near other craft offerings. It may help promote better beer consumption in the US, but I don't think that is the real goal of A-B here. They are really not trying to convert Bud lager drinkers to ale so much as they are trying to entice some craft beer drinkers. But with all that said, I still plan on trying it and hope it is good. With any luck everything I just typed will prove to be unfounded nonsense. :-)

    3. I tried the Bud Ale at FestiveAle last week.
      I know I'll live to regret saying this, but....
      It was an easy drinking, smooth beer, with more flavor than any Bud product I've ever tasted.
      I took a full glass back to our booth and had a few people try it.
      No one, no one guessed Bud.
      I'd like to taste it again, without having had skoaches of a dozen beers before.
      I honestly believe a "good" Bud beer would be a positive to the craft segment, as it would open people's taste buds to try other beers.
      If any of you taste it and hate, I take back everything I just wrote! :))

    4. By the way, do you guys have any news about "beer" in "Indianapolis?"

      News on a subject like "Indianapolis Beer" would really interest an "Indianapolis Beer" guy like me.

      Lover of Indianapolis Beer

    5. I can't wait for all the Jessica Simpson traffic this post will generate.

    6. That's good info Charlie, and I really hope you are right about the ale being good for the craft industry. I do look forward to giving it a try, but I can say up front, no matter how good it is, I just can't see myself lining the coffers of A-B with my money while there are dozens of great craft beers available around here..

      (And yes, I realize the hypocrisy of this after defending the likes of Pabst in previous posts) :-P

    7. The answer, from Cavalier Distributing's Mat Gerdenich: "The oficial release is Sept 1. we should have ours later this week and start moving it next week. We are getting 140 cases to start with. More cases and kegs to follow."

      140 cases of Founders Breakfast Stout? That seems like a lot considering how little we've been getting of their seasonals in the past. I hope this means that we'll be getting more of Founders Seasonals in the future like their Harvest Ale, Curmudgeon, Backwoods Bastard and Blushing Monk.

    8. Lucas Oil Stadium's BUD LIGHT ZONE advertises Bud American Ale at $6 for a 12oz. I tried to buy one last Thursday but they don't have it in yet. Choice quotes from the staff working the counter were:

      "Ale? We don't have any ale here."

      (after pointing to the sign) "I've never heard of that."

      "We don't have it in yet, but we just got Bud Light Lime"