06 August 2008

Reader Submission | My First Beer by Alex Lewis

Yesterday we posted a "My First Beer" story written by HBG reader Kirk Winters, in hopes of starting a little My First Beer momentum. So far, so good - Today we've got a story from reader Alex Lewis, who found true love with a Dead Guy. Care to share your first beer story? We'd love to share it. Hit us up at hoosierbeergeek @ gmail.com. Thanks again, Alex.

I grew up in a very conservative home where alcohol was not consumed. My parents never condemned those who did enjoy it, but said that it simply wasn't for them. This family background helped to keep me from breaking laws that restrict consumption before 21; however I subverted those rules once I was 18 and headed down to St. John's Island with a friends family. They did enjoy alcohol and consumed it frequently. They provided my first beer to me. It was a Corona Light with a lime stuck in it. I loved the lime taste, but the actual beer tasted what my pee smelled like. I wanted to like it so bad, but never truly enjoyed it.

After high school graduation, I traveled to England for some abroad schooling. I was given opportunity to enjoy some of England's finest brews in bars where the taps never ran dry. I was drawn to Guinness immediately and usually drank that. I tried Carling and a few other British Macros but was never guided into some of the more complex fair that those bars had to offer. The most important thing was that my time in England brought an appreciation of beer.

Upon returning from England (at age 20), I began work at a restaurant that truly appreciated fine dining. This shown through in the food as well as the beer, wine, and sake choices. I was first introduced to the concept of craft beer at this restaurant (named Cerulean). World Class Beverages used to come in and do beer trainings with the serving staff so that we could better pair customer's desires with a fantastic beer. It was at one of these tastings that I had a Bell's Oberon. I had never experienced such a complex beer in my life. The wheat taste followed by the citrus was delicious (especially on that 90 summer day). Although I really enjoyed this beer, I attribute my LOVE of beer to the brew that I had the following day. Rogue Dead Guy. The complexity of this beer had me hook, line, and sinker. This is the beer that I truly consider my first. It was the beer that built a desire to dive into the crazy world of craft brews.

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  1. Great to meet you at the 2nd anniversary party, Alex!