30 November 2007

A heads up from The Heorot

Looks like there's a good reason to head to Muncie this December...
If you are a true "Beer Geek" you won't want to miss The Heorot's annual cellar sale!!

Stan has been in the cellar for days selecting a variety of beers for this years sale.

If you know anything about the Heorot cellar you know it would take days to go through all the cases of brew he has down there.

He has worked with World Class to create a special gift pack of 12 beers like Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Bell's Winter White, Alpaha King, World Wide Stout, Delirium Noel just to name a few.

The sale starts on 12/1/07 and runs through 12/31/07. Remember quantities are limited.

Need more info? Call the Heorot at (765) 287-0173

"It's all about the beer"
As we've said before, The Heorot is a Hoosier Beer Geek mecca - and it sounds like you've even got more reason to visit now.


  1. That is really awesome. Seeing the pictures of the cellar on Indianabeer really makes me want to hit that up. They have bottles of J.W. Lee's Harvest Ale from 1987! Can that still even be remotely tasty?