28 November 2007

It's Firkin Friday at Power House Brewing Co.

I was stumbling around some Indiana brewery sites when I came across this bit of news from Columbus' own Power House Brewing Co:
11/30/07 - Firkin Party

This is a firkin big deal. We will have a firkin of Bell's Two Hearted Ale that we will tap right here Friday night, November 30th.

A Firkin is a small keg used to serve Real Ale. A real ale, an ale that has been naturally carbonated in the keg, or in this case firkin. This is how it used to be done in Europe. These days we package in kegs and "force carbonate" by pressurizing a vessel full of beer with CO2 gas. Real Ales have much more flavor and less carbonation than what we have today. This Firkin should only last one night so don't miss it!

Friday November 30th around 8PM!
Do we have any Columbus readers? Or maybe some readers who'll be in Edinburg to do some holiday outlet mall shopping? In any case, drop off the husband, wife or any other excess baggage at the outlets, and tell him/her you're headed into town to do some firkin. Or bring him/her along, and fulfill your public firkin fantasies.

Let us know how that goes for you. And email any pictures to Hoosier Beer Geek.

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