25 November 2007

Continuing Education with All About Beer Magazine

Christmas is rapidly approaching and perhaps you're in the market for something beer related. As an alternative to all that beer, I'm going to spend a little time this week attempting to inform you about some of the beer specific magazines available by subscription or in your local bookstores. First up is All About Beer - a magazine which makes me realize we've never had an original idea at Hoosier Beer Geek.

Magazine: All About Beer
Byline: Celebrating the World of Beer Culture
Subscription Information: $19.95 for six issues (bimonthly)
Source Issue: Sept. 07
Cover: Dave Alexander of the Brickskeller in Washington DC
Look: Recently redesigned. Clean, Classy, Composed. Semi-gloss paper.
Non-beer ads: None.
Mainstream Magazine Equivalent: All About Beer is the National Geographic Adventurer of beer. Or maybe Harper's, with a lot more pictures.

6 pages of news
A "New on the Shelves" section
"Pull Up A Stool With" brewmaster interviews
A feature on best beer bars (which lead me to the Brickskeller)
A feature on style - the history behind IPAs
Beer Essentials - essential books for beer lovers
Buyers Guide of Beer Lovers - continental ales, with 6 pages of beers in style reviewed with scores, label pictures for a few of them
Beer Talk - 8 "beer celebrities" (authors and experts) offer their opinions on 16 selected beers, label pictures for all the beers reviewed
Two beer editorials
Beyond Beer Column - a small article about cocktails with recipes
Homebrewing Column - eurobeer feature with a recipe for "Angry European Red Lager"
Beer Traveler Section - an article about brewery tours in Europe and America
Stylistically Speaking Section - munich dunkels
New beer book reviews
A calendar
And a closing editorial

Pluses: All About Beer regularly published Michael Jackson's journal, and has been published for 16 years. Quite a few of the magazine articles are available online for free, minus the pretty layout and photography. As I said before, they're doing everything we're doing, on a national level. Maybe there is a career in this?
Minuses: None that I can tell. For the beer dedicated, this is well worthy of a subscription.

Website: www.allaboutbeer.com

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