14 November 2007

"Hoppy" New Year's

We don't have all the details yet, but we just confirmed that Hoosier Beer Geek will be hosting a New Year's Eve Party at Deano's Vino in Fountain Square. We're picking the keg again, a la Anniversary Party, so you know it's going to be good! Go ahead and plan on joining us as we bring in the next Leap/Summer Olympics/Presidential Election Year!

Any suggestions on the beer? Options can be found by typing the word "keg" into World Class Beverages' Indiana Beer finder.


  1. First possible beer:
    Gouden Carolus Noël (Christmas)

    At World Class Beverages

    98 at Rate Beer

    Pluses: Never seen this anywhere, and the brewery has a pretty good reputation

    Minuses: Belgian, 10.5%, so I'll probably die.

  2. Possible Beer:
    Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

    At World Class

    99 at Rate Beer

    90 at Beer Advocate

    Pluses: Never seen this on tap anywhere, made out of baby seals and ground up nuns.

    Minuses: 10.6%, so I'll probably die.

    Pluses: If you die from drinking a nun, you automatically go to heaven.

  3. Possible Beer:
    Flying Dog Double Dog Pale Ale

    Double Dog Double Pale Ale marks Flying Dog's 10th Anniversary and the launch of the Wild Dog series. A deluxe collection of limited release beers from our brewmasters, the series will showcase some of the boldest styles from around the world.

    At 10.5% Alc By Vol and 85 IBUs, Double Dog Double Pale Ale is the stuff legends are made of.

    88 at Beer Advocate

    97 at Rate Beer

    Pluses: Never seen this on tap anywhere, supposed to be a limited release beer, makes your dog fly (too bad I only have a cat).

    Minuses: Have you ever been hit with flying dog poop? Not pretty.

  4. Maybe the flying dog isn't limited release.. I don't see that anywhere else. Also, WCB's site says: "Ideal Drinking Occasion: When you need to see double."

  5. Possible Beer:
    Delirium Noel

    at world class

    92 at ratebeer

    87 at beer advocate

    Pluses: Elephant in a Santa Hat (though that's only on bottles, and we're getting a keg), rarely on tap anywhere, made out of chupacabra eggs and snake legs.

    Minuses: Delirium's beers are the leading cause of death in drinking elephants, 10% ABV means also leading cause of loss of pants on the dance floor.

    Added note: I haven't been drinking today

  6. I don't know who this Mike guy is, but he sounds like he's trying to die and blame it on the Beer Geeks.

  7. Great stuff mike!

    They all sound like interesting options, though I just had the Brooklyn Black Stout for the first time and wasn't that crazy about it. Of course, I had it right next to a Thirsty Dog Siberian Night (also first time) that kicked the shit out of it, so my impression may not be fair. I guess it's moot since kegs of Siberian Night aren't available.

    Another Christmasy option:

    Three Floyds Alpha Klaus
    91 at Beer Advocate

    99 at Rate Beer

  8. Well, after having a Brugge Black at lunch today, I would go with that. Another option--which would be quite expensive--would be Lindeman's Framboise Lambic. A champagne-like beer that many would like for New Years Eve (though I realize that some beer geeks hate fruit beers).

  9. Does it have to be from WCB? A keg of Stone's Double Bastard would be nice.

    I do like Mike' idea of the Delerium Noel. That is some tasty stuff.

    The Alpha Klaus from 3F's would also be very nice.

    Also, I am sure plenty of us have had it, but a keg of Hopslam should be out by that time, and with the impending hop shortage possible a small farwell to DIPA's for most of 08. Hopslam should be just out during that week.

  10. I tried to post suggestions yesterday, but the damn thing kept shutting down.

    I like the Alpha Claus and really any Delirium I would be fine with. I would also be good with anything from Unibroue, as well as the Black from Brugge.

    I like Matt's idea of the Double Bastard, too.

  11. BW3 had it for a while Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout this spring / summer before they became BadaBoomz. And it was a 16 oz pint for their monday night price of $2.50. 'Bout the best deal in town at the time (at least based on a 10.5% aclohol bill).

    You might go for something a bit more sessionable but still good. Generally good seasonal is Goose Island Christmas Ale.

  12. Also, on the note of Lindeman's Framboise Lambic, Deano will NOT want that in his system unless he want to dedicate it forever to a tap. Those beers, because of the CRAZY WILD yeast, tend to ruin draft beer lines and leave a lambic flavor for other beers long thereafter. At least that what I've heard from reasonably reputable sources.

    It might not happen after ONE tapping, but if they were my lines, and they were the expensive glycol type, I would definitely think twice about it.

  13. I'm throwing my vote out there for 3F's Alpha Claus as well. Brugge Black would be good, but will be widely available by New Year's I think.

    As for the WCB question, right now Deano's usually mainly WCB. Hence the limitation.

  14. Do you know what time you would open things up? I would like to stop by for a few beers with a DD before heading to a friends place for New Years to stay. I just don't like being on the road that night after about 10 pm. I've had two friends in fairly serious accidents on that night by no fault of their own, but by a drunk driver.

  15. Still working on the details, Matt - we'll post something as soon as we know.

  16. I know Deano is going to do three seatings that evening for dinner - a 7pm, a 9pm, and 11pm. But he doesn't expect a lot of people. He said they would accomodate whatever we need, so pretty much anytime we wanted to start would be fine by them.

  17. I'd vote for Alpha Klaus as well. Support your local Hoosier brewers!

  18. Jason, thanks for the heads up on the Lindemans possibly screwing up the tap lines. Looks like Alpha Klaus is going to be the winner here, so no worries for Deano. I think I'm still going to ask Nick to order some 750ml bottles of the Framboise so I can get my lambic jones satisfied.

  19. If you are needing some on tap Lindemans I believe I saw the framboise on tap last week at Rich O's Public House in New Albany (a beer geek's heaven)