13 November 2007

Speaking of Brugge...

Desire the sweet Belgian style brews of Broad Ripple's Brugge but your stuck downtown? Have no fear, BadaBoomz is here! They have Brugge Black on tap right now. And I believe they are the first bar in Indy outside of Brugge to have it.


  1. This is, in fact, true!

    Ted brewed our first batch of Black in Terre Haute, and several of us, in a sincere effort to guarantee quality control for our customers, tested, tested, tested, and tested this beer over and over and over again.

    When we finally woke up, er, I mean, agreed it was suitable for our cusomers, all that was left was 5 1/2 barrels.

    We needed some for Brugge Brasserie and Mike at BBZ generously agreed to be the first place to offer Brugge.
    Thanks, Mike.

    More Black and White will be ready for more restaurants and bars in about 3 weeks.


  2. we went down to BadaBoomz last night to try out the inaugural batch of Black on tap. It's great -- they're even serving it up in Brugge pint glasses! We were duly impressed, and since the Black is my favorite Brugge beer, it was a very worthwhile trip.