02 November 2007

Props to Deano's - The Kronie is Gone!

I've been going to Deano's pretty regularly for a year now. And of the three beers they have on tap, one has always been Kronenberg 1664 - dubbed "The Kronie", a light lager that I, and most people, think taste like ass. If ass can taste that bad. So we've been bitching non-stop for a year to take it off and put something good on. But Deano has always prevented Nick from doing it because it's one of Deano's favorite beers. What do you expect from someone who also drinks Strongbow??

Anyway, I'm glad to announce and give props to Nick for FINALLY taking the Kronie off and putting a third good beer on tap. As of right now, the line-up consists of Three Floyds' Alpha King, Bell's Amber, and Rogue's Dead Guy Ale. Now we can again say that Deano's is the original home of the Hoosier Beer Geek!

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